What's new in Appsvio: June –Summer is here

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Jul 5, 2023 11:58:01 AM

Hi Atlassian geeks! 👋 We know that you're probably under the palm trees already, but we have some big news from June to share with you 😊 Get yourself a tonic espresso, and keep reading what June looks like when you are a Marketplace Vendor. June digest is here. 🚀

Issue Merger for Jira Cloud ☁️

This release was essential because we developed a new feature thanks to our customers' feedback. We try to meet your needs when it comes to functionality, so we couldn't wait any longer, and bulk actions have landed! 

Bulk actions in use - Issue Merger

Bulk actions in use

☝️ Now you can manage connected incidents and respond to all involved customers from one issue at once.

Inform reporters about their status, or give them the good news without copying and pasting the same comment many times. 

All bulk actions you can do: 

  • Adding comment
  • Changing status
  • Changing resolution
  • Linking

This solution is perfect for Jira Service Management and ITSM customers. Using bulk actions influences the speed of your team action, and thus, it supports the fulfillment of the SLA for a response. In the bigger picture, you speed up internal processes to accomplish SLA faster.

Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management Cloud ☁️

Another customer insight that we've managed to make existing. You can display the Field values on request but with the specific date fields. From now on we support Target start date and Target end data fields from Advanced Roadmaps.


That's not the end of upgrades. Now you can also allow your customers (or employees) to edit the STATUS field. It's you who decide which fields can be edited and by whom. This option is helpful for internal processes - employees can change the status, and they don't have to wait for an agent's answer. After all, they know what's going on. 


edit form – Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management

Edit form – editing the status

Customer and Organization Management for Jira Service Management ☁️

We’ve enhanced Profile form with Timezone field. Now, you can ask customers and fill the time zone. 

! Very useful when defining the agents that will be assigned to tickets depending on the time zone. 

Customer and Organization Management – timezone

Customer and Organization Management – timezone

You can put Timezone data on the Customer view with Copy values post function. Remember to add it to the Create transition and use the correct value in Automation. 

Choosing timezone – Customer and Organization Management

Choosing timezone – Customer and Organization Management

 Customer and Organization Management – customers view with timzone

 Customer and Organization Management – customers view with timzone

For Data Center users: Issue Merger and Feature Bundle with approval 

We're happy to let you know that Issue Merger for Jira and Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management has been approved again by Atlassian. 

Data Center apps must go through an approval process. This means performing tests and deleting all security vulnerabilities that come up. 

Our apps completed the technical review and security check. We're approved for next year 🎉

Atlassian events and articles

Last month we had the pleasure of talking about Jira Service Management during ACE Winnipeg. Thanks, Heather, for being a great event moderator. It's a pleasure to work with such committed people 😊 

 That was our last ACE before the holidays, but we will be back with new materials and Jira Service Management cases very soon 😎

Articles 📚

We teamed up with miniOrange, and we created a piece about security and customer support in Jira Service Management. Read it to get all the essential information. 👇



In June, we had an opportunity to talk about the e2e test in a low-code approach. We described our internal processes and what it looks like in a team of 8. The article became a Marketplace Partner Story, and it is published on the Atlassian Developer blog.

Safety first – Appsvio's security

We know that security is foundational in large-scale companies (and not only!). That's why we ensured that our solutions met your needs and requirements. We updated our Privacy Policy and implemented the ability to sign a DPA. If you have now or will have ever questions about security issues, we're here for you. Contact us on security@appsvio.com, and we will cover all your doubts :) 

Now we can't help but wish you a wonderful summerish July! 🌴

PS. Despite the vacations, our team is available to you as always, anytime 🙌
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