Schedule repetitive Jira issues in no time – let it be automatically 🪄

Focus on completing issues, not creating them endlessly in Jira. Plan repetitive Jira issues in advance and publish them automatically. 


Plan issues in advance and publish them automatically ⚙️

Create and schedule repetitive issues with subtasks in advance. Set up your own interval: daily, weekly or as you need. You can also make a definition using CRON format.


Use variables to customize scheduled tasks at once 🙌

Use variables to automatically change the details. Use them in the summary or description and make sure each time the scheduled issue will be accurate to the date, time, days, subtasks, stories, owner etc.




Stay in control of all permissions ⭐️

Assign template to the project and decide who can edit it. Duplicate the template if you need it for a different project. All templates are in one configurable view. Make it private, public or cross-project.



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If you are interested in other ways to improve repetitive task management, then be sure to also check out our Issue Templates Agent app.

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