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Use Jira issue templates on the native create issue view

Speed up internal processes with issue templates. Apply them right on the create issue screen, and use them cross-project when it suits the case. Implement new optimization and enjoy structured and standardized tickets.

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Jira issue templates on create issue

Create epic structure templates with subtasks 

Create whole-epic templates with tasks and subtasks to maximize Jira issue creation efficiency. Use hierarchical epic templates with prefilled fields and description templates and publish many issues at once. Never miss crucial steps and data.

🔝 Start using template hierarchies

Jira subtask template

Manage issue templates and delegate permissions

Enjoy the templates library, your one-stop hub for editing, deleting, and assigning templates across multiple projects. Delegate Jira permissions effortlessly, ensuring smooth collaboration while controlling access levels.

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Jira issue templates library

Use cases

Here, you can find examples of the Jira issue templates that can be useful for you. Check how to boost Jira ticketing system and Atlassian project management with issue templates.




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Marketplace reviews

Read what our customers say about us.

Read what our customers say about us.

Rating 3,9/4 ⭐️

Very useful app, works as advertised and we use it every day. I don't know any other app where it is possible to apply templates directly in the standard create issue screen. Also, the support team got back to us after the implementation of a feature we have requested a few weeks before. Absolutely recommended!
michel neeser
Michel Neeser
May 4th 2023
Very smooth to work with , everything they claim it does it . The support team was super fast to respond when I had a question.
Anthony Theofiledes
Jan 3rd 2023
Great app, simple to use and works as advertised. Be careful to not have more than 1 app that is managing templates as it can cause issues, which support helped me solve super quickly! Recommended!
Tasos Papadatos
Mar 15th 2023
We've been using Issue Template for several months and it has been a time saver for us! I especially love the default template settings because now our chosen bug template for the Description is automatically loaded for everyone to use. No longer needing to remind others to apply it. I'm looking forward to the feature line-up they have planned for upcoming releases. Thank you!
Ana Lopez
Nov 14th 2023
This application is very useful to easily customize your template and It's very user friendly.I contacted the customer support for a small issue and they quickly helped me and solved the problem.
Sarida Coppeta
Jan 12th 2023
Works on multiple projects and boards at the same time. Really makes the SCRUM process easier. Thanks.
Django Eijgensteijn
Jan 25th 2023
We added in this app, easy to setup the templates and I like that I can give users a good layout for providing the ticket info - easier than starting from a blank description. One user had a problem accessing the templates, but putting in a ticket with Appsvio quickly got me guidance for resolving it.
Jen DeVol
Jul 7th 2023
Just installed the app and have started to use it. It was fairly straightforward to set up and gave instantaneous results. It is EXACTLY what we've been looking for! We have several fields that could be so much improved by having a "cheat sheet" (i.e. branch name, is there a db migration, if so, what is the name of the migration, etc.). Right now, all that kind of information is put into the tooltip and the developers/QA have to copy/paste it into the relevant fields. This made it so very simple!
Tzirel Shaffren
Jul 3rd 2023
Great app. Support is even better. Fixed issues raised very quickly.
gerry tan
Gerry Tan
Feb 12th 2023
The app really helped our teams to write better stories using the template. Also helped us be more efficient by having more default values filled automatically in the tickets and better/cleaner data in our tickets
Joao Pedro Branco Mouro
Feb 13th 2024

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How to apply the issue template?

You use it on the native Jira create issue view.

Can I edit the issue template?

Yes, you can edit it in a template library if you have permission.

Can I create an issue template with subtasks?

Yes, you can create subchild templates.

Can I assign one template to many Jira projects?

Yes, you can assign templates to as many projects as you need.

Where issue templates are stored?

Find all Jira issue templates in the templates library.