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Escalate your Jira management with customized Jira templates and stay focused on things that matter instead of creating the same Jira issues all over again.


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Immediately apply templates on Jira create issue screen

Creating the same Jira issue all over again can be frustrating, right? Then don't do it. Choose a ready-to-use template and apply it right away on the create issue view. One click and the issue is fulfilled. 

Issue Templates Agent for Jira

Create your own tailor-made Jira issue templates

It's you who decides what the templates look like. Create your own issue template, and manage it in the templates library with ease. Take over control and enjoy standardized tickets. You can use templates whenever you need them and with many projects. 

Creating template in Issue Templates Agent for Jira

Set up as default, apply automatically on the Jira create issue view

Set the template as default for issue type for an even faster process. Choose a project and issue type and apply the template immediately on create issue view. Create as many scenarios as you need, and have ready-to-use templates for every case. 

Set up as default feature – Issue Templates Agent for Jira
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Read what our customers say about us.

Read what our customers say about us.

“Great app, simple to use and works as advertised. Be careful to not have more than 1 app that is managing templates as it can cause issues, which support helped me solve super quickly! Recommended!”
Tasos Papadatos
“This application is very useful to easily customize your template and It's very user friendly.I contacted the customer support for a small issue and they quickly helped me and solved the problem.”
Sarida Coppeta
“Works on multiple projects and boards at the same time. Really makes the SCRUM process easier. Thanks”
Django Eijgensteijn
“Very smooth to work with , everything they claim it does it . The support team was super fast to respond when I had a question.”