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Actonic is an agile IT consulting company. Their solutions for creating efficient IT Infrastructures, processes optimization, ensuring GDPR compliance are based on advanced technologies and more than 20 years of experience in the area. Moreover, with unique add-ons, Actonic makes working with Jira and Confluence easy, comfortable and even inspiring.

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Adaptavist is a global technology and innovative solutions provider, helping organisations boost agility and overcome the challenges of digital transformation. Founded in 2005, today we are part of The Adaptavist Group, a global family of companies whose team spans over 1000 employees, with a 22,000+ customer base representing more than half the Fortune 500.

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Akeles is an Atlassian Solution Partner based in Singapore. Having in-depth knowledge & experience in both Cloud and Data Center as well as Atlassian Marketplace, they can address your requirements & share with you the best practices.

Akeles Consulting - Platinum Solution Partner
Akeles Consulting - Silver Marketplace Partner
Alluvium is an AWS partner, Atlassian Solutions, Marketplace and Training Partner offering tailored solutions to meet client’s needs. Their consultancy services, led by experienced consultants, engineers, and solution architects, cover Atlassian product implementations, DevSecOps, ITSM, and data migrations. With a commitment to excellence, they empower their clients to leverage the full potential of Atlassian products and technologies, driving innovation and success within their organizations.

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Alpha Serve is a software development company that develops enterprise-grade solutions and BI connectors to help companies from all over the world increase their performance and optimize business processes. There is a great list of products developed for Atlassian, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Shopify, and Their main goal is to become the leading multi-platform app developer for professional enterprise software.

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APTIS is a German Atlassian Marketplace Vendor. The company’s focus is to help organisations establish lean project management. The flagship product Epic Sum Up reflects that. It helps you manage your projects in a fast and intuitive way and is used by many teams in various industries all over the world.

Blended Perspectives

Blended Perspectives is a team of Atlassian experts since 2007 and one of the largest Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners in North America based on technical consulting bench strength.


Blue Ridge Consultants is an Atlassian Solution Partner offering expert advice regarding Atlassian products such as Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket. They are available to help deliver custom solutions for the Atlassian suite and their experience includes consulting in industries such as the US federal government, the US military, biotech, banking, software development and many others.

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ByteSource Technology Consulting GmbH

ByteSource is one of the leading experts in the DACH region for AWS, Atlassian, DevOps and Agile software development. As the largest Atlassian Platinum Partner and the largest AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner in Austria, ByteSource proves expertise in the area of DevOps & Cloud Journeys as well as migration and customer-specific developments.


CoreIT is a company full of experienced IT professionals, specializing in open source solutions. As Atlassian Gold Solution Partner provides strategic partnerships at the highest technological level in many areas (DevOps, agile development, application infrastructure, business processes…) and offers convenient Atlassian subscriptions.


Deiser offers tech solutions for modernizing and digitizing business processes with Atlassian products, employing methods like ITSM, ITIL, Agile, SAFe, and/or DevOps. With Atlassian expertise since 2007, they hold Platinum Partner status, positioning them as a global leader in tailored solutions and technology advancement.


With teams of professionals based in Japan, DevSamurai is a leading software development consulting organization. Besides being a Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner, DevSamurai delivers technology solutions across platforms, including Salesforce AppExchange, Microsoft AppSource, and Marketplace.


Eyzee is an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner based in Poland. A team of certified Atlassian Experts helps many organizations in digital transformation through the Atlassian ecosystem. They provide both technical and business support at every stage of using Atlassian solutions.


Jodocus is a Platinum Solution Partner focused on Cloud migration. Their three pillars are Process management, workflow optimization, and digitization.

Linktech Inc. is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Taiwan. Our team dedicated to providing professional service, training, and customization solutions for customers. We have successfully cooperated with the customers from the financial industry, technology industry, government, and so on. Feel free to contact us for product consultation or demo.

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Life in Codes is Atlassian Gold Solution Partner active in Romania, Estonia and Belgium. The team is specialized in tailoring implementation and support, custom scripting and all types of migrations. They’ve seen it all – from small to large companies, tech-savvy and not. They believe in teamwork, and they aspire to make tools showing the most of people’s potential.

Move Work Forward with Atlassian and Microsoft is an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace partner that helps companies with team visibility and productivity by integrating Atlassian tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket with Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Gitlab, Slack,

Atlassian Expert, Software Vendor and IT Services Provider. Established in 2005, TechTime is a Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Atlassian Marketplace Vendor, and Atlassian Training Partner based in Wellington, Aotearoa – New Zealand with presence in Auckland and Queenstown, as well as Queensland, Australia and Turkey.

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IT enthusiasts who provide services concentrated around solutions based on „continuous everything”. They believe in DevOps, Atlassian solutions and strength of creativity. The team designs multilevel configurations and creates unique Atlassian tools extensions. Uniteam improves everyday work in large enterprises, with knowledge sharing and proper support.

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