Collect and manage Jira customer context without a headache right in your Jira Service Management ⭐️

Implement Customer and Organization Management in your company and create customer support experience that keeps your clients satisfied. 


Define a single point of contact with customers ✨

Customers can update additional information on their own. Start implementing agentless approach, save agents' time and speed up ticket service. Whenever a mobile phone, manager, or address will change, customers can make an update on the Portal. You can also enable the “Ask for data” feature.


Manage customer context at your convenience 🙌

Display and manage customers context as you wish. Customize the view to suit your needs, choose the columns that are the most important, and enjoy a structured directory of customers and organizations.





Use customer’s data in a Jira workflow 👏

Copy customer’s and organization’s data to the issue. Make JQL and SLA definition dependent on that data. Speed up request creation by copy values from the customer’s profile to the issue.




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Fields examples

Examples of what fields you can have within the app. 

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Our customer service is led by the application developers. They are the ones who know it inside out. Every product has an in-app chat where you can reach us anytime. We’re here for you, whenever you need.


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We hear you. Do you need something extra? Do you need our app to behave in a specific way? Don’t hesitate to tell us that and we will try to make it happen. We build our apps based on customer requirements. 


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“Very powerful extension, helps us to organize better our service desk team's daily work and save enormous amount of manual work to configure the system.Appsvio support team has always prompt answers to our requests in a very short time - which promise great collaboration also for future.”
Anna Momkova
“Great team to work with. We needed some new functionality added before we could meet all of our use cases, and the Appsvio team responded quickly to implemented the new features for us. Thanks”
Matt Baker
“A wonderful application that extends the capabilities of Jira SD. There was a problem with activating the plugin on the Cloud version, but contacting support by Email, the issue was resolved in a couple of days.”
Новоженин Александр
“Customer Details is a great solution to have more information available then just the email address of your customers. The customer support is excellent. I had a question about the import of new customers/organizations. This feature was not available. They build this import possibility and Tom and kept me continually informed about the progress. This function is now available. Thank you Appsvio for this great app!”
Richard Gerritsen
“Customer Details is the perfect solution when you have a public portal and would like to get more information than just the email of your customers!
David Berclaz
Appsvio is trusted by many customers worldwide