Create a multilevel list with no boundaries and use it as advanced Jira custom field ⭐️

It's time for advanced cascading select. Don't settle for just two levels. Instead, create a cascade of options up to seven levels. 


🔝 Create a cascade of options up to 7 levels in Jira

Make an advanced custom field and create your own multilevel cascading select system even up to 7 levels down. Customize it with descriptions, and with lots of options to add, use Bulk add to save time.


Use the app simultaneously with other Jira features ⭐️

Don't give up other conveniences. Easily find the objects from multilevel cascading with JQL. Use REST API, and analyze values with eazyBI reports.





Translate all the fields with one click 💬

Translate all the fields from cascading select ad hoc. Translate not only the field name, but also all the options. Choose any language that Jira supports. Jira custom field management has never been easier.




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Take your custom fields, literally!, to the next level ⬆️

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“This plugin is fantastic. We have multiple use cases where we need more than the 2 level select fields that are default in Jira. The app is very easy to set up and straight forward. Having access to the individual select fields using smart fields is incredibly helpful and the support team is one of the best I have ever dealt with.”
Alan L.
“This is really amazing plug-in for adding multilevel values, very helpful for our project. We came across an issue while editing the values but support team handled it so well. Thanks for your amazing support and fixing this on priority.”
Geetanjli Sharma
“This app allows for cascading that is far beyond Jira's capabilities. I had an issue with the app not working with everyone of my users. But Appsvio jumped on it resolved the issue in a timely manner.”
Kei Hau
“This is an excellent plug-in that goes beyond Jira's native capabilities for cascading field configuration. Features such as bulk upload, sorting, and disabling are handled nicely in an intuitive interface. Appsvio's team is excellent - always going above and beyond and very responsive to questions and feedback.”
Kirsten Thompson-Rose
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