Boosted customer support Jira tips – manage incidents in an intelligent way

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Jun 29, 2023 10:18:55 AM

Let's imagine that we know about the printer crash in our company. We know that in a minute, we will be flooded with incidents about the same bug – sounds familiar? So how can you prepare yourself to stay focused on the real problem, not on linking issues, changing all incidents statuses or resolution, and answering in comments hundreds of times (leaving reporters without answers is not customer support we want!)

Incident management best practices – Issue Merger for Jira with auto-merge rule 

Issue Merger (Cloud version) with a new feature: bulk actions to the rescue. First, let's create an auto-merge rule to merge all the tickets automatically. We've defined triggers, conditions, and actions. Now, all the tickets that match these requirements will be merged into one target issue. 

Auto-merge rule in Issue Merger

Creating auto-merge rules with Issue Merger

Effect: When opening a source issue, you will see all of the source issues linked to the same place. One source of truth and no messy board anymore. The agent will solve one ticket instead of tens. 

Jira customer support and incident management that you wish for – respond to all involved customers from one issue at once

We already created an auto-merge rule to put all of them into one target issue. Thanks to that, the source is tidy, and agents can focus on one ticket, not on linking all of them.

We managed the problem, and now we want to inform all ticket reporters and change the status of every incident. What if there are hundreds of tickets? Or even 200? Most agents won't answer every ticket due to a lack of time. But there is a way to take care of every reporter and provide them boosted customer support.🚀

Customer support incidents

Manage incidents in an intelligent way

Bulk actions as a new feature in Issue Merger for Jira

Thanks to a new feature from the Issue Merger app, you can manage all incidents from one issue simultaneously without switching between views in Jira or using Navigator or Bulk Edit in Jira.

Inform reporters about their status, or give them the good news without copying and pasting the same comment many times. 

Bulk actions Issue Merger

Bulk actions in Issue Merger

All bulk actions you can do from now on: 

  • Adding comment
  • Changing status
  • Changing resolution
  • Linking

We made this feature with our customers in mind, hearing their needs and ideas. We look forward to feedback to expand the panel with new functionality.

Key message: Benefits of using Issue Merger for Jira with auto-merge rule and bulk actions

  • All the information that customers provide in incidents is collected in one problem. We have one source of truth.
  • The agent can focus on handling one issue.
  • The agent doesn't have to manually copy information from customers' tickets to the problem because everything is done automatically. 
  • Once the problem is solved, the agent doesn't have to go into each ticket to add a comment, change status, etc. 
  • What's more! He has all these incidents in one place. He doesn't have to search for them manually in the issue navigator or jump queues.
  • It reduces the risk of missing important information for solving the problem and eliminates repetitive, tedious work; the agent can focus on solving the requests and taking care of the highest possible quality of customer experience. 

Try it, and see for yourself what a game-changer it is. 

If you have any doubts or need a hand with configuration, we're here with all our experience! 😊

Just drop us a line via Customer Portal or schedule a free demo session, and we will figure it out together. 

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