What’s new in Appsvio: ITSM July digest

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Aug 4, 2023 1:36:40 PM

Hi, Appsvio friends! It is said that July is a slow season, but not for us! We develop our solutions to be as close to your needs as possible. With our batteries recharged, we’re ready for August! But first, let’s check what we accomplished the previous month, shall we?

Issue Templates Agent for Jira – endless templating

First of all, great news! We are thrilled to announce that this app is featured as Staff Pick this quarter! 🎉 Well done, Team! And now about upgrades. 

  • We moved configuration access from Manage apps to top navigation to make it more accessible. 
  • The “expand” option is now available for Description and the rest of fields with rich text. So it is another formatting option available after the “/” sign.
  • We added support for new system fields: Fix Version and Component.
  • This app is built with Forge, so it means that until now, you and other users had to allow access every single time. Now, it’s not necessary anymore. Users can use templates one spare dialogue faster! 🙂 Thanks, Forge Team, for simplifying this!
  • We are committed to improving our security posture. That’s why we created a new documentation page to answer basic questions about security in the Issue Templates Agent app. You can find a detailed explanation of what each of the permissions required by the app is needed for.

This app remains free. Try it out and start using templates. 

Happy templating! 🙌

More Top Picks 

Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management and Issue Merger for Jira also have their spotlight this quarter! 

Feature Bundle remains a Staff Pick for next month, and Issue Merger is classified as a perfect app for Business Team. You can find this app in the collection.


Customer and Organization Management Cloud ☁️ – new feature is coming! 

We are working on a new feature, and here goes a little sneak peek! 👀

We released the very first version of saving views in Customer and Organization Management.

It means you can create many tailored Customers or Organizations views, save them and use them anytime. Until now, users could use only one view for Customers and one for Organizations. Now it is possible to create more of them with different attributes and filters and have separate views for different projects. 

save_views_ Customer and Organization Management

Views can be public or private (available only for current users). Admin sees them all.

Access to the Customer's view is directly from the left menu under the project. Thanks to this, the agent immediately has a table view filtered by the current service desk project.

Multilevel Select for Jira with dark mode

Hello darkness, my old friend! 🎶

We hope for a sound of cheer rather than silence because dark mode is here! 🌚 You can use Multilevel Select with a dark theme Jira with no boundaries. 

Apps with Jira 9.10 compatibility

If you wonder if our app will suit your software needs, those apps are entirely compatible with Jira 9.10

Atlassian Community and Events

ACA Team Up 2023

We're Silver partners on ACA Team Up 2023. We're heading to Belgium to give you all about Jira Service Management and ITSM! 

📆 Tuesday – September 12th, 2023.

🌇 Antwerp (BE) 

It's a one-day event, and Belgium is really easy to get to from Europe. Save a date and register here. Tickets are free.

We will be there, waiting for you at our booth. Fingers crossed for many ITSM talks! 

Quiz Wiz

Who heard about this sick! initiative? We love it! We even already took part in one round, and we're still in a game!

This is a quiz between two teams from the Atlassian ecosystem. We had a duel with the miniOrange team, and with some luck, we won. Thanks, Mahima and Aditya. It was sensational. 

In the last edition, you participated alone and the winner was Robert Wen 🥳

You can see our struggle here, and stay tuned for the next round.

PS When we were thinking about our team name, we wanted to make it pink. We are called Team Pink Panther! 💖


Important Community info

AI is taking our business world to the next level. Now we're surrounded by content created by artificial intelligence. Atlassian added a line in Community guidelines about using AI to create answers and why not to do this. 

🧐 Read it here

Remember, our content is made with experience, not with GPT! 😊 

Blog update – ITSM articles 

If you missed our newest use case article, nothing to worry about 😊 Read how we manage our days off with Customer Portal and Slack. It's our unique solution, and it's the next level of using Jira Service Management in HR areas. 

Enjoy reading! 

And that's all, Atlassian folks! Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions about our solution or ecosystem, you know where to find us :) 

Stay productive and stay awesome! 🌟