Tickets marketplace business: What would the portal look like?

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Aug 30, 2022 2:05:39 PM

Last week I was at Ed Sheeran's concert in Warsaw. I didn't have very high expectations because I wasn't one of his loyal fans. However, that changed after this concert. I saw how a talented man he is and how people react to his live performances. Over 60,000 people participated in this musical feast! On the way back to Wrocław, I started to consider the process of selling tickets. I tried to imagine what the ticketing business would be like with Jira Service Management.

Order a ticket as the hottest request type for music fans

The Customer Portal is a place where customers can choose from the services available and create tickets. It may be a report of an ongoing incident or a request to purchase new hardware or software for an employee of the company. It’s worth noting, however, that the Customer Portal can also be used in a non-obvious way: to order cinema or concert tickets. By using different types of requests and groups, thanks to the wide customization possibilities provided by Jira Service Management, you can design your portal to deliver various types of services. 

Share order status with the customer

Ordering tickets, especially within the company, might require additional approvals. This means that the workflow can be much more complex than it appears from the customer's perspective. The name of the status is often enigmatic and does not provide any specific information. Although the workflow status name can be customized, it’s still limited to a few characters. It’s much better to show the customer the entire workflow and describe each step in detail.


Update the name on the ticket 

Sometimes you need to update the name on the ticket. Usually, you have to contact support, leave a comment and wait for the others to react. A simple editing action takes a long time and involves a lot of people. It's much more convenient to implement the self-service concept. Moreover, the edit option may only be available under certain conditions, for example, the number of days remaining until the event.


To hide the editability as described in the text above, you need to add a post function to the workflow to set a fixed concert date. Also, you need to use our JQL settings to define when the edit button will be available and when not: that is, before the concert date is set in the dedicated field.

‘Every day discovering something brand new’

Jira Service Management can be used in many industries to meet different needs. It’s not only software for IT geeks, but also for ordinary companies where human interaction occurs. You can achieve much more by using dedicated extensions. In the use case described above, showing the steps in the process and the possibility to edit the request are possible thanks to the Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management app. What other creative ways to use the customer portal do you know? Share your ideas with us!