Can Edit Request Improve Customer Experience?

by Kate
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Apr 14, 2021 10:59:53 PM

Self-service allows customers to do tasks easier

Probably each of us likes to be independent. Not only during the purchase but also afterward. Gilles Muys, VP of Customer Solutions at Simplus, in his article for Forbes, emphasizes the importance of self-service: “… it’s easier for that customer to deal with you, the supplier, because customers can handle it on their own.”. For example, in today’s dynamically changing world, online shopping allows us to have almost everything at our fingertips. Do you remember when you had to make a complaint about the purchased item? You were filling out a long form and only after submitting it did you notice a typo. Or maybe you couldn’t find the transaction number which caused you to postpone the problem report? The client has the right to feel deceived and frustrated. He felt that these situations would require additional contact with the agent. All because of the lack of “edit” feature in the request which has been already sent. That is why it is so important to ensure a good customer experience at every stage of cooperation with the client.

How to be an independent customer in Jira Service Management Cloud?

After creating the request on the customer portal, the customer has access to his request (on Request Details View). If he wants to make any changes, he can leave a comment. The assigned agent can update the ticket and correct the previously entered values. If the client remembers something else or notices inaccuracies or errors, he must leave another comment for the agent. You can imagine that this is not the most efficient way. This is also confirmed by the votes of Jira Service Management users. The JSDCLOUD-93 and JSDCLOUD-2368 request improvement which introduces the possibility to edit the request on the portal. They are watched by a total of 255 people, and as many as 382 have left their vote! As the ticket has been open for a long time, we decided to take the matter into our own hands.

Happy customer = happy agent

When analyzing the requests that appear in our support team, we noticed that customers most often make errors in the basic fields available on the form:

  • Summary
  • Description
  • Priority

They must then leave comments asking for a correction because the possibility to edit requests is not available to them. This causes them frustration (completely unnecessary!). Therefore, we decided to solve this problem first. Let them correct their errors themselves! Until now, our app, Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management, allowed us to provide clients with more information on the customer portal, thanks to such functionalities as:

  • showing the request workflow;
  • displaying Assignee, dates (Created, Updated, Resolved), Resolution;
  • communicating relevant information through customizable banners.

We decided it was high time to give our clients something more than information. Our customers deserve to get self-service and be independent of the agent.

Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management Cloud

Immediately after installing the app, the project administrator of a service project can start configuring the functionality called Edit Requests. By default, only the Reporter can edit his request, but this can be easily changed. You can allow people from the organization and Request Participants to do so. Then, the administrator selects which fields on the ticket can be updated after it has been created. Below you can find some of them:

  • Summary 
  • Description
  • Priority
  • Reporter
  • Due Date
  • Components
  • Custom fields (user picker, text, select, date picker, date time picker, checkbox, etc.)

The list of supported fields you can find in our documentation. On the Request Details View, the active functionality is visible as the Edit Request button. After clicking it, the person indicated in the configuration can edit the value. Clicking the Save button separates it from the updated ticket. And it’s on your own! No comment exchange with the agent. It’s so simple, isn’t it?


Never again will your customers be forced to exchange comments with agents asking for changes. Thanks to the Edit Request button on the request, they can do it whenever they want, at any time. Using the Feature Bundle app for your cloud instance, you can unblock the self-service capabilities of Jira Service Management. Show your company really cares about providing the highest customer experience in the world.

We’ll be happy to organize a short demo for you and talk about your requirements. Don’t hesitate to book a session via calendly 👩🏻‍💻👨‍💻

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