What’s new in Appsvio: Hello, spring, and new Jira features! March 2024

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Apr 5, 2024 12:36:56 PM

What can we say, our products are blossoming 🌸 like trees and flowers right now! What a month! But not to brag too much, let’s go into the details 🤓 Enjoy reading about our newest features, Atlassian events, and updates in vendor business.

Issue Templates Agent for Jira – a big release for better Jira issue templates

How to make 20 issues by creating one? We’ve made it happen.

🥁 A big-awaited feature has landed! 🥁

Subtasks, hierarchies, and variables are now supported in Issue Templates Agent for Jira.

Create w wholesome epics with many tasks and subtasks by creating only one issue! Save hours in a month by speeding up issue creation.

🚀 Game changers:

  • The new path of creating templates is basic, simple, or advanced.

  • Hierarchies with subtasks! Now, you can create epics with many tasks and subtasks with templates. Apply a template on the create issue view, create only one issue, and find all the structures on the board.

This structure was created from only one issue!

  • Variables – use variables for text fields to customize the templates. A list of supported formulas is here.

This release was massive! We had lots of positive messages to send in your tickets. Thank you all for your feedback, ideas, and support! 😊

Visit documentation for details and an interactive demo to see how hierarchies with subtasks work. We will also present it in an upcoming free webinar.

And if you haven’t used templates yet, you should.

World's best boss said so!

Time savings, Reduced errors, Issues standardization, Consistency Reusability, Customization - all with one tool.

Use Multilevel Select on Jira customer portal

This is a big deal for Multilevel Select for Jira! We added support for a multilevel select field on the customer portal.

This means that from now on, you can give your customers a hierarchy field when creating a ticket. Each option leads to another, so you can create a comprehensive catalog.

Illustrating this with an example, when your user has to report a bug, make him choose a host, version, type of bug, etc., and give agents already specified tickets.

For internal uses, you can take hardware needs requests to the next level and make displaying and storing data easier when searching in JQL.

You can read more about benefits and a use case in Jodocus article: AGENTLESS SERVICE DESK: 5 HACKS FOR SEAMLESS CUSTOMER SUPPORT IN JIRA

Atlassian Events you should add to your calendar

Learn how to use Atlassian tools when new employees are onboarding with us.

We’re organizing a free session where you will discover how to make your onboarding GREAT with Atlassian.

RSVP and Agenda here 👉 https://appsvio.clickmeeting.com/689337268/register

Join us and our experts. We have on board:

Kate Pawlak Melek Jebnoun and Prabhu Palanisamy. We teamed up with Onward and Vectors 🙌

If you want to see Issue Templates Agent's new features in action, this will also be a great opportunity.

Save the date! 🫡

ITSM Strategies for SMART organizations - ACE Mumbai

Kate is busy, trust us! She will share ITSM Strategies for SMART organizations during ACE Mumbai organized by Deepak Rai.

Apr 10, 1:30 – 2:30 PM

Join the community and explore new ITSM tricks and quick wins.


Who’s heading to Vegas? The Appsvio Team will be there again, so visit our booth for ITSM and Jira Service Management talks.

We have a promo code for you if you haven’t saved your spot yet. Join TEAM 24 with a discount with code: T24SUPERCREATOR128

Amsterdam flashbacks

Kate had the pleasure of hosting an on-site event in Amsterdam where she gave a live learning session about Jira Service Management.  It was a blast, so we want to share a picture. Big shoutout to everyone present there!

How to Use Atlassian Intelligence with Appsvio

Atlassian Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic since its release. No wonder!  But not everybody knows how to use it in everyday work, so we created a short reel for you and took part in the Atlassian initiative to show more about AI.

You can watch it here 🎥

And that’s all Atlassian perks! 😊

Stay productive and awesome ⭐️ And remember, templates, not docs 🤓

Issue Templates for Jira