Atlassian Intelligence in a new employee onboarding

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Mar 20, 2024 4:21:38 PM

Atlassian Intelligence (AI) revolutionizes the new employee onboarding process by seamlessly integrating into Confluence and Jira, effectively acting as an intelligent assistant for your team.

How to use Atlassian Intelligence in new employee onboarding?

When it comes to setting up an efficient onboarding system for new hires, AI proves invaluable. Leveraging its capabilities, you can effortlessly construct a comprehensive knowledge base within Confluence. This entails crafting detailed onboarding materials directly on a Confluence page, ensuring that every aspect of the onboarding process is covered comprehensively.

Furthermore, AI adds a unique touch to your writing, infusing it with a friendly and welcoming tone perfect for crafting engaging welcome messages and clear instructions for new employees.

However, in the realm of lengthy content, the potential for overwhelming newcomers is a genuine concern. AI effectively mitigates this issue. AI condenses lengthy Confluence pages into easily digestible snippets through its summarization feature, allowing new hires to grasp the essentials quickly without feeling inundated by information overload.

Additionally, AI assists in other aspects of content creation, such as generating catchy titles, creating tables, and even providing creative content suggestions when you need inspiration. It essentially serves as a reliable brainstorming companion, ensuring that your onboarding materials are informative but also engaging and user-friendly.

Incorporating AI into your onboarding process not only streamlines the experience for new hires but also enhances efficiency and productivity for your team. It's like having a dedicated assistant who is always on hand to lend a helping hand whenever you need it.

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💡 Atlassian Intelligence in onboarding: 

  • Atlassian Intelligence (AI) seamlessly integrates into Confluence and Jira, acting as an intelligent assistant for onboarding processes.
  • AI simplifies the creation of comprehensive knowledge bases in Confluence, enabling the crafting of detailed onboarding materials with ease.
  • AI enhances written content by infusing it with a friendly and welcoming tone, perfect for engaging new hires.
  • The summarization feature of AI condenses lengthy Confluence pages into digestible snippets, ensuring new hires can quickly grasp essential information.
  • AI aids in various content creation tasks, including generating catchy titles, creating tables, and providing creative content suggestions.
  • Incorporating AI into the onboarding process enhances efficiency and productivity, streamlining the experience for new hires and empowering the team.

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