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Nov 9, 2023 4:05:31 PM

In the dynamic realm of software development with Jira, the efficient management of tasks is essential. Many Jira users face a common dilemma — how to optimize their workflow and standardize issue creation. This is how to boost productivity, whether you’re a tester, an HR professional, a marketing enthusiast, or anyone in a business team.

How many issues does your team create every day? Imagine how many of them are monthly. At this time, there is potential that can be used in other ways, such as resolving tickets rather than creating them and updating them to meet the requirements.

  • How to create standardized tickets?
  • How to avoid a lack of information in issues?
  • How to spend less time on issue creation?
  • How to keep all issue requirements in one place, right in Jira?

How to create well-completed Jira issues and boost teams’ performance?

Issue Templates Agent for Jira allows you to apply templates right on the native issue create view.

Depending on the type of project and issue type, you can choose which template you want to choose: e.g. bug reporting/critical bug/device access/marketing article — whatever you need.

For even faster issue creation, save the template as default. Then, after selecting the project and the corresponding issue type, the template will immediately jump to the issue create screen.

Use issue templates


You create templates very simply and conveniently. They are saved in the library where you can edit, delete, and manage them (of course, those who have the appropriate permissions).

Issue Templates Agent


Issue Templates Agent for Jira as a key to speed up Jira issue creation

Issue templates for Software teams

A customer support agent creates a bug issue. Developers have specific questions that they need answers to. What versions, screenshots, what customer, which license — there is a bunch of data that are mandatory to do the fix ASAP. Cooperation between the teams should be smooth and concrete to take as little time as possible for both teams to ask and explain.

Lack of information has consequences as meeting SLA longer — a software team needs to write a comment and ask about missing data, and the support agent must answer it. It takes time, and it’s frustrating for both. That’s why creating predefined, standardized issues is crucial to providing top-notch customer support.

Some teams store issue creation patterns in Confluence, but we all know how hard it is to find something that we need at the time or even remember it by heart.

That’s why using issue templates is a key to well-completed issues in a flash.

💬 “I joined the company over a month ago. Having the template on the create issue screen ready right away was a life saver. Not only did I know what information my dev team colleagues needed, but I didn’t waste time on updating tickets. At a time when it is critical, time is of the essence. Templates speed up my work and affect the quality of issues. I create about 15 issues a day, but I feel like it takes time for only 5, cause it’s so fast.” Karolina, Test Engineer

💬 “The quality of reported issues and bugs has improved significantly since we started using our app Issue Templates Agent. We have worked out the flow, and I always immediately have all the information I need in the issue so I can react faster.” Daniel, Software developer

When we have a new employee, it’s better to have everything at hand and as few things as possible to search, rewrite, or memorize. This speeds up processes considerably.

Issue templates for HR

It’s not only useful for support and software teams. If you are in HR, you can create templates for the onboarding process — every time there is a new person, you have all the checklists ready right away.

💬"When hiring a new person, there are many things to remember. And choosing and ordering a laptop, setting up onboarding meetings, showing internal processes — fortunately, I have a ready-made template and don’t have to remember everything every time.” Magda, HR Business Partner

Issue templates for Marketing

Issue Templates Agent for Jira is made with all business teams in mind. Whenever you are developing, testing, or managing as a PO/PM, HR, or marketer — this app can significantly raise your ticket quality and speed up the creation process, which we all know can take the same time and can be tedious.

💬 “Cooperation between marketing and the software team is not always easy. Therefore, using templates is easier. Asking for data and article input, they get a simple message with all the requirements and what I expect from them. And with a deadline!” Celina, Marketing hero


Issue Templates Agent for Jira is one of the fastest-growing apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Over 2000 installations are proof that this app can change the game.

It’s a solution to improve business teams’ workflow and communication and save more time. Issue creation can be persistent, and a well-completed ticket is a challenge. All leaders want to have a well-structured board with high-quality issues and as few extra comments and questions as possible.

Give to your team — try for free Issue Templates Agent for Jira.

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