What's new in Appsvio: August

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Sep 10, 2023 8:09:58 PM

Hi Jira lovers, we hope you’ve been waiting for our monthly update! Just as the holidays have ended, September brings us a new dose of inspiration for new features! So, let’s dive into August product and company updates. Long story short, we haven’t been only on vacations. 🤓

Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management (Cloud version) – display linked issues on the customer portal

From now on, it is possible to display linked issues on the request details view. When your customers create a ticket, they can see linked issues right after submitting the request. Thanks to that, they will be aware if there is some global difficulty, if any similar tasks are already in progress or if other issues block something. A more self-service portal generates fewer questions for the agents. 

Customer portal with Feature Bundle


You can decide if you want to display all link types or some of them.

Fields values on the jira customer portal

What attributes show on the portal in the linked issue panel? 

  • issue type, 
  • issue key, 
  • summary, 
  • priority, 
  • status.

If you need more of them, let us know! 

It is also possible to display short text and paragraph custom fields on the request details view.

Feature Bundle (Data Center version) – change request status on the portal

Dear users, from now on, customers can conveniently modify the status of the requests. That is, customers can change the status on the request view screen on the portal, or the status will change when they make an edit or escalation.

Have you ever realized you need to change the status after making edits to your request, like escalate it? Worry not! Our latest feature lets you modify the status from the Edit Request screen. Our new "Change Status" option on the transition screen empowers you to update the status with just a few clicks effortlessly. Whether it's moving from "Pending" to "In Progress" or from "In Review" to "Approved," it's now a breeze.

We added this feature thanks to your irreplaceable feedback. As we always said, customers' needs and ideas are the new features’ manufacture. 😊

Issue Templates Agent for Jira with a spotlight 

Issue Templates Agent is growing rapidly, and we couldn't be more proud. Once again, this app was recognized as one of the faster movers in MARS report. 

And this month it was also spotted in trending apps on the Atlassian Marketplace! Moreover, this app is also a Staff pick this quarter. But that is enough of bragging! What makes Issue Templates Agent so unique? 

With our app, you can create custom templates for different types of issues, saving you valuable time and ensuring consistency across your projects. The template is applied right on the create issue view.

🚀 It is a key to boosted productivity by speeding up the issue creating process.

Try it out here.

🎥 Product videos you should watch 

Two reviews of our add-ons were published in August. Both of them show precisely how apps work and how it's beneficial from users' perspectives. 

Watch How to Collect Additional Customer and Organization Info in Jira Service Management - Agent Friendly by Monika Rani, who tells all about how to use the app and how she finds it useful. 

And something for Portuguese-speaking ones! JIRA 2023 🚀 PORTAL DO CLIENTE NO JIRA (TUTORIAL PASSO A PASSO) Lameck Oliveira – we're thrilled that Feature Bundle turned out to be the right pick!

Upcoming Atlassian events

 ACA Team up 2023

ACA Team Up 2023 in Belgium is coming! We’re proud to announce that we’re sponsors of this event and will also give a presentation about perfect-tailored customer support within Jira Service Management.

This event is free, so if you don’t have any plans, you can still book your place!

Tickets here 🔗https://web.acagroup.be/team-up-23 

Tuesday - September 12 2023, 9:30h - Antwerp (BE)

ACA Team up Appsvio

JiraCon 23

You can attend this event even from your couch because this one is virtual. If you want to learn what’s new, hear use case stories, get know solutions, and tips & tricks to advance the use of Jira for any team - save your spot here

October 4, 2023, 9am - 3pm PST

As we’re also speakers here, we have a discount code to share!

Use APSV30 to get 30% off.

This time, we will give you a speech:  Jira Service Management Fundamentals: How to Get Started. 

If you are new to the ecosystem, make sure you won’t miss it 😊 
JiraCon Appsvio

Kudos time!

We just want to take a moment and say a big congratulations to Kate, who passed the ACP-520 exam and thus joined Chris in the Atlassian Certified Expert group! 

Being knowledgeable and certified experts is important for us to be able to provide the highest standard of support to our clients without hindrance. We constantly expand our education in the Atlassian ecosystem, and not only. 

Once again, a shout-out to Kate! 💖

And with this pleasant accent, we can end our August report! Stay productive and stay awesome! 🌟