What’s new in Appsvio: September 2022

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Oct 7, 2022 12:00:00 AM

The fall is already here. 🍂 In our country, we have a "The Golden Polish Autumn" saying, and this year it really is gold. Not only because of the many colors outside but also our achievements this month! Let's not keep you in the dark any longer and tell you what's new in Appsvio in September.

Hackathon at the seaside – new Jira app is born 🚀

We did make the most of the last warm rays of sunshine and went off for the Appsvio hackathon. This time it was near our beloved Baltic Sea. We jogged, ate together, looked at the waves, and welcomed a new person in our #AppsvioFamily.💖 We even had a quick CrossFit training session, and some of us are still breathless 😜, but what's most significant – we made a brand new app.


🥁🥁🥁 Ladies and gentlemen 🥁🥁🥁

Here comes the Issue Templates Agent for Jira

We like to say that Issue Templates Agent for Jira is our hackathon baby. All hands on board, and within 4 days, we create an addon that will revolutionize your Jira management. 

It allows you to create one Jira issue template and use it as many times as you want. It's a prominent saving of time when creating repetitive issues, and all your templates are saved in a unique template library waiting for another reuse. You don't have to start from scratch every single time, just make standardized tickets with a few clicks. Trust us – without structure, your issues will become messy and inconsistent. We've been there. 


If you're dealing with similar issues, ensure you have an Issue Templates Agent in your Jira. 

Happy news: it's free! 💸 And built on Forge 🛠– perfecto scenario 😊

Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management (cloud version) – a little smoothing out 

We hope you already know the Edit Request feature in Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management. If not, you can catch up here quickly 😊

We made a significant update – now it’s possible to filter the fields in Edit Request configuration. 

Imagine that you have a super long list of fields that you added to the Edit Request form or Edit Screen – now you can filter those fields easily and find what you’re looking for quicker.

Edit Request is a handy feature for Jira Service Management (that’s what you said!) so we’re trying to make it better and better. So try out the newest version and let us know what you think! 

Issue Merger PRO for Jira (cloud version) – create a merge filter

This month we upgraded the merge process a little bit. From now on, it’s possible to select a set of requests to merge based on a saved filter instead of one issue at a time. We implement this update in Issue Merger Pro cloud version. 

How to merge Jira issues faster? Short example: 

  1. Create “to-merge” label and mark other tickets that need to be merged
  2. Search issues with this label in issue navigator 
  3. Save it as a filter in “To merge” field
  4. Choose “Switch to filter picker” when dialogue merging and find the saved filter
  5. Enjoy faster and easier issue merge processes. 


Sounds as easy as pie, right? Well, it's pie season, after all 😊 

HubSpot CRM Integration for Jira – object picker

This one is your favorite Jira app so far. HubSpot CRM integration with Jira can take the DevOps and Sales teams to the next level. If your teams use HubSpot this app is for you. In September, we managed to make it even more user-friendly than ever. 

🦸 Object picker – the hero of the story

We’ve upgraded to allow users to use the object picker for Company, Customer, and Deal fields. All thanks to the custom field. Moreover, it can be single select or multi select. Now you can choose the object, and the value you select is already linked to the object in HubSpot. 

It’s quite remarkable that it’s built as a custom field because you can also save the filter and add what you need to a dashboard that shows all tickets of a given company saved in Hubspot. 

When you do that, magic happens.✨

We’re always amazed at how many features and new possibilities we can develop thanks to custom fields 😎

hubspot-custom-fieldJodocus x Appsvio Webinar – save the date: Oct, 26th

We're thrilled to take part in the upcoming Jodocus webinar. It's going to be all about what we love the most: Jira Service Management. 🚀

We'll answer the questions on how to level up the functionality of Jira Service Management and how you can do it on your own. Then, to show how it's possible, we will show you the useful apps that can take Jira Service Management up a notch.

If you need a hand in upgrading your Jira Service Management, or if you're a JSM freak as we are, join us! Seats are still available.

📥 Save your spot here 📥 

⏰ Save the date, and see you there. We hope for a lot of questions from you guys! Always happy to share knowledge. 😊

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