What’s new in Appsvio: April as Atlassian Partner of the Year

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May 7, 2024 2:06:55 PM

April was about Team ‘24 in Las Vegas. We’re all still buzzing about it 😎 Certainly, Atlassian knows how to organize the conference and throw a party. After the epic week, it’s time to get back on track and work on our add-ons, especially since you won Atlassian Partner of the Year: ITSM Apps Solutions! 🏆

Appsvio won Atlassian Partner of the Year: ITSM App Solutions! 

Atlassian announced that we have received Atlassian Partner of the Year 2023 in the ITSM App Solutions category for outstanding contributions and achievements during the calendar year 2023! We couldn't be more proud of this honorable recognition in the category closest to our business and hearts. 🫶

Our CEO, Krzysztof Skoropada , said, “After more than ten years in the ecosystem, you might think nothing will surprise you anymore. But then our team was named the winner of Atlassian Partner of the Year 2023: ITSM App Solutions” - and we feel exactly like this. 😊

We, as Appsvio, were one of 27 partner recipients honored in the annual Atlassian Partner of the Year awards for their continuous efforts and exceptional customer work. Atlassian Marketplace is growing and expanding, full of extraordinary experts and vendors. And that's why we feel even more distinguished. 

Appsvio won Atlassian Partner of the Year

We won the title for the year, which commits us to continuing to work hard towards the best ITSM solutions. We couldn't find a better motivation, and new functionalities are coming soon. 

We made it on time to take a photo with Scott Farquhar! As you probably know, there are going to be changes. Congratulations, Scott, for your many years of success. 👏🏻

💬 Book a demo with us, and we will gladly show you what decided about our winning. 

Congratulations to our Team for their hard work and dedication to Atlassian solutions. 

Also, many congratulations to the other winners: Onward, Accenture, Adaptavist, Modus Create, Bit2bit Americas, Praecipio, iZeno, Communardo, Ricksoft, Forty8Fifty Labs, Strategenics, Isos Technology, GLiNTECH, Automation Consultants, Sentify, AgileOps, Vidscola, Caelor, 55 Degrees, Tempo, Bitvoodoo, Release Management Apps, Rewind, Appavil, Released, Appfire

🗒️ The comprehensive list is here.

Issue Templates Agent for Jira - Jira templates for more team productivity 

We enhanced the creation of structures with a comment when some disturbances appeared. The comment on the issue created from the parent template is displayed. Thanks to that, when you create a complicated, long structure, you may be sure everything works or know precisely where the problem was. 

Categorize Jira issue template for easier filtering and searching

When you create a Jira issue template with Issue Templates Agent, there is a field called Category.

There are no default values because it’s all about your rules. Put the categories you wish, like testing, marketing - whatever system you devise. 

With this field, you can immediately see template categories in the templates library and filter by them. 

Jira issue templates-library

Library view


Atlassian Events

Team ‘24

Of course, in April, we took part in TEAM ‘24. We loved the keynotes, Atlassian news, and every single talk with Solution Partners, Jira users, vendors, and friends. 

Atlassian prepared a list of news that you should be aware of. 

  • Free courses on demand

  • Jira Work Management combined with Jira Sofware

  • Introducing Atlassian Rovo 

Vegas, thanks for having us once again! And for those who couldn't make it, we hope to see you next year in Anaheim. It’s official! 8-10 April 2025

More than Jira by Almarise 

We also attended the event in our country. The Polish Atlassian area is growing, and more events are occurring. More than Jira by Almarise was full of keynotes about Atlassian news, products, strategies, and Jira enthusiasts. Well done, Almarise! 

There's an App for that: ITSM Unplugged – let’s talk about service desk apps!

If you missed ACE Brisbane with 👋 Kit Friend, Ash Pitt and our ITSM expert - Kate Pawlak, you can watch it at your convenience here.  

📚 Appsvio Bookshelf 

This month, we recommend an article about our ITSM solutions: Revolutionizing ITSM with Appsvio: Unveiling Common Use Cases by SPK and Associates LLC. Thank you for this piece! 😊 

The new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Atlassian App Galaxy has landed! With our modest involvement.You can download it on Communardo Software GmbH website.

Also, we have more great news! Our Team has one more Atlassian Creator ✍️ on board! Celina Kuziemko joined this program this month, so follow her account for the Atlassian knowledge hub. 

Let’s stay in touch for more news and product updates! New events soon on our Linkedin! 😎

Stay productive and awesome! ⭐️