What's new in Appsvio: February with Jira Service Management

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Mar 7, 2023 10:15:38 AM

Hello March! 🌸 The first sun rays came to Poland, so we hope we don’t have to wait long for spring. 

And as we all know, with spring comes new motivation and plans! So here we are, full of ideas and with hectic calendars! February was a quick one but effective! Let’s take a look at what we’ve managed to do.

Customer and Organization Management for Jira Service Management – new release, new features 

Our baby is growing! Lately, we upgraded and developed Customer and Organization Management for Jira Service Management app, but it’s still not the final version! This time it’s improved with: 

  • adding on Organization view an option to add/remove customers for selected organizations
  • adding on Customers view option to add projects for selected customers
HubSpot Video


☝️ Those are a bulk option, so you can edit lots of data at once. Very effective in large-scale organization. ⭐️

Thanks to new features, there is no need to switch between projects, and customer data management has never been smoother. Now it’s easier to view and display it as you need and provide better Customer and Organization Management in your organization. 

If you don’t know what it exactly means, check out our PDF about it, where we describe this approach. 

Issue Merger PRO – new functionality videos 🎥 

Check out our YouTube channel because a new product video has just landed! You can already watch and learn how to merge issues manually. The use case is about the same tickets for the support queue – remember that Issue Merger PRO also works for a service project. 

📣 Stay tuned for the next episodes – you can subscribe to it to get notified when new videos are uploaded. 


New pieces about Appsvio or by Appsvio

We're more than pleased to read Fabio's review of our products. Such kind words motivate us to keep going. We hope that our next ideas will also be warmly received! Read the article about our solution here. It's in Italian, but thank God for translators! Grazie mille, Fabio 🤌🏻

It's no secret that we're Jira Service Management freaks. It's our thing, and we want to spread this fantastic tool and our knowledge as comprehensively as we can. We often write articles about it, shorter or longer. The newest thing is about the advantages and disadvantages of Jira Service Management and how to deal with those pain points. Read it on the Atlassian Community. 

Events ⭐️

February was a chance to network a little bit. We joined App Week and Unleash in Berlin. During App Week, Peter and Daniel attended lectures and workshops, and they presented the results of their work. Our developers make us proud! 🙌  

And then the Unleash began. Lots of familiar faces and lots of new ones. Chatting with all of you guys was amazing, and seeing so many people engaged in the ecosystem. The Atlassian Family is huge. 💖

We had a chance to be at two Atlassian Community Events and in person. Warsaw and London - thank you for having us! We talked about Jira Service Management, Customer, and Organization Management and had many questions (we love it!). Here are some photos 👇


App Week – Peter and Daniel
1 App Week – Peter and Daniel, Forge wizards! 🪄
Unleash '23 – Appsvio Family
2 Unleash '23 – Appsvio Family
ACE WARSAW – Kate and Chris before the presentation
3 ACE WARSAW – Kate and Chris before the presentation
ACE WARSAW – Heads up! Appsvio edition
4 ACE WARSAW – Heads up! Appsvio edition
ACE WARSAW – Heads up! Appsvio edition
5 ACE WARSAW – Heads up! Appsvio edition

At the beginning of this month, we presented our knowledge also during the online event ACE Dubai.

Next ACEs are ahead, and new opportunities to gain knowledge 🥳

Join us virtually in Meru on the 10th of March 🔗 FREE TICKETS

We will be there with our presentation: JSM on steroids: High-velocity ITSM software in action.

Maybe someday we will manage to visit all of it around the World, who knows!🌏

TEAM ‘23 

Whole ecosystem is talking about 1 thing – TEAM ‘23 is coming. 

And Appsvio Family is going to Vegas! Let’s catch up during TEAM ’23

If you are attending TEAM ’23, visit our booth #45! Let’s meet for a quick, face-to-face demo or just chat about the ecosystem and solutions There is going to be ruffle too, so stay tuned TEAM ’23 is a perfect opportunity for networking, catching up with old friends and making new ones, so let’s do this

Check out what is going on during the event. Kate, inspired by a friend Matthias, have prepared a Trello board with activities during TEAM ‘23  

If you want to add something, just write to Kate and she will make it happen 📩 kate@appsvio.com 


One more thing:

Codegeist '22 Customer Choice Awards!

You can still vote until the 10th of March, and our app Issue Templates Agent for Jira is nominated, so if you enjoy this solution, you know what to do 🙌 Just put the comment under the post


And now, we wish all of you lots of sun. Spring is coming, people! We hope you enjoyed the winter season – we skied a little bit, but now it's time for longer and warmer days 😊

Stay tuned! 


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