Revolutionizing Efficiency: How Macopedia saved hours on issue creation with Issue Templates Agent

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Jan 25, 2024 7:00:03 PM

Introducing Macopedia 

Macopedia is a polish-based company that works with a diverse range of clients across various industries. Most often they work with medium-sized companies, large companies, and corporations. They witness how new technologies enable clients, like Raben, Macmillan Education, Trefl, Benefit Systems, Rawlplug, or Żabka, to achieve the most ambitious goals and stay ahead of all changes in a competitive environment.

Challenge: time-consuming workflow and inconsistent Jira issues

Facing the challenge of inefficiently creating comprehensive descriptions in Jira issues, the Macopedia team recognized the pressing need for a solution.

The absence of consistency across issues and the time-consuming nature of workflow became evident obstacles. To overcome these hurdles, they embarked on a mission to streamline the processes and enhance efficiency. As it’s said "time is money”. 

The goal was not just to save time but also to establish a uniformity of information that would significantly improve the overall quality of our work. 

We wanted to streamline the issues creation process and minimize the need to repeatedly ask for additional details. We were looking for a solution that would allow applying the issue template directly within the standard create issue screen.
Natalia Błoch
Natalia Błoch

Process Care Leader


Solution: speeding up Jira issue creation with issue templates

Macopedia decided to implement Issue Templates Agent for Jira as an answer for their need to improve the workflow. The team started to search for solutions that can speed up the issue creation process and provide standardized forms - templates for issue creation with focus on description field and with ability to share it through many projects.

They chose this solution based on the positive reviews on the Atlassian Marketplace. Previous solutions they tried were less intuitive and more challenging for users. 

It turned out that the most necessary and helpful functionalities were:

  • Customizable issue templates based on issue type or project
  • Ready-to-use template when creating a task in native Jira screen

Now, the whole company uses Issue Templates to enhance Jira issue creation to improve project workflow and project management.

The results: efficient project management and saved hours

The Macopedia team noticed significant time savings in the issue creation process and project management. Also increased consistency and that fewer issues returned to reporters for clarification of requirements.

Main benefits of issue templates that our client listed: 

  • Simplifies reporting for customers. They can easily provide the required information through predefined templates, leading to more clarity and less confusion.
  • Issue reporters are now more thorough and analytical. They can better prepare and verify the tasks they add, ensuring all aspects of the issue are well-considered and addressed
  • The project workflow has improved, and technology teams have fewer questions and doubts about reported tasks.


It was very important for me to simplify adding issues with right descriptions. Now, I do not need to keep reminding users about the template. This add-on automatically handles it for us. It’s reducing manual work and improving project management across diverse teams. We jumped right into using this app, the customer service was really helpful.
Natalia Błoch
Natalia Błoch

Process Care Leader


As Natalia says: Give the app a try, it's worth it. Say goodbye to unnecessary manual work. 😊

Improve your workflow and save time on issue creation that your team creates hundreds of 🚀


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