How Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Trinidad Wiseman successfully implemented Issue Templates Agent for a client

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Feb 19, 2024 7:03:30 PM

Introducing Trinidad Wiseman 

Trinidad Wiseman is an Estonian service design and digital transformation company with clients across various verticals. They are dedicated to shaping a bright, human-centric future through service design and digital transformation. The team makes a corporate evolution from comprehensive plans to incisive monitoring. As Trinidad Wiseman is also an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, they take care of digital transformation with Atlassian products. 


The Atlassian Solution Partner faced the challenge of migrating Bondora’s teams to Jira and bringing all the teams from one platform without disruptions. 

The Customer Experience team needed to streamline their collaboration with other teams. From the specifics of their work, it is clear that they work with departments such as marketing, AML, product, legal, or finance on a daily basis. As it turned out, they needed to create better task templates, review fields, and delete those unnecessary ones for transparency. 

All of the team reported the urge to have a prefilled description field when creating issues for other teams. 

“This project urged us to review our processes even more, align them, and note them down. Create better task templates and remove unnecessary fields” 


Solution: efficient cross-team collaboration with issue description templates

Trinidad Wiseman needed a workaround solution for providing prefilled descriptions for different cases for different teams.

After the research, they decided to implement our app, Issue Templates Agent, for Bondora. They used the criterion to make the multi-project templates considering Bondora's needs. They trusted reviews, and after a successful trial, they knew they had found a working-well solution, and that's what they were looking for. Issue Templates Agent allows the creation of a template for many pairs of project and issue types. Additionally, you can set it as default for a needed pair and enjoy automatic fulfillment on the create issue screen.

The results: better collaboration across teams thanks to the issue description template

The Issue Templates Agent is implemented for all teams, so about 200 employees use it daily. 

As they requested, they got an issue description, but not only. Now, they use comprehensive issue template tools that streamline all team collaboration. 

The main highlighted benefits include: 

  • boosting the productivity of team member
  • better user experience of Jira for newly migrated organizations
  • time-saving on issue creation
  • implemented standardization process, meaning tasks with required data 

Trinidad Wiseman met customers' expectations with this solution and helped them enhance their internal workflows and all team collaboration. 

Issue Templates Agents make it easier on small or large-scale organizations.

If you’re interested in trying it, explore the app on the Atlassian Marketplace.


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Company details:
Company size 130+


30+ Software development, service design, digital transformation



Implemented app

Issue Templates Agent