Content Template Macro for Confluence

1 min read
Mar 25, 2020 12:37:12 PM

This app provides macro for Confluence pages to display content from templates created by administrators. A user can select a template to use and insert it on the page. It is extremely useful for people who create documentation and care about its consistency 👌 Don’t worry about the correctness of repetitive formulas (e.g. warnings or permission information)! Don’t waste time ⏱ making corrections to these texts on each page separately. Now just paste the appropriate template on the page and its edition is in one place.

Examples of content that you can insert into a template:

👉 repetitive instructions,

👉 announcements,

👉 contact details (e.g. phone number to Confluence or Jira Administrator),

👉 company data (address, VAT number),

👉 box with warnings or notes.