🍂🍻Apptoberfest Demo: Multilevel Select for Jira🍂🍻

by Kate
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Oct 15, 2021 3:29:06 PM

Disclaimer: This post has been created for Apptoberfest organized for Atlassian Community. You can read, comment, and like the original post here.

Do you know how many issue beer types there are in the world? Probably not... Don't worry, we don't have a clue about it either 😀

In this article you can read that there are 100+ of them, that is 101, 1001, or even 10 001. Regardless of how many there are, thanks to our app you can improve the process of organizing your team's integration. Let them contribute to the whole event!


Create a new project in Jira called "Get the party started (PARTY)". Pro tip: You can use a template provided by Atlassian: Event planning. Have each member of the team create an issue in which they describe what beer they like, what pizza they drool over, and which board game they have the best time at. Remember to set the appropriate Issue Security Level - let other members not see their answers. This is supposed to be a surprise!

Limit your selections to specific options. To make it easier to find your favorite beer or great pizza, use the Multilevel Select field provided by our app. This way you will be able to create several cascading levels to make selecting options very easy.

Create three fields named: Beer (multilevel select), Food (multilevel select), Board game (single select). Define what options should be available in the configuration of each custom field. Below you will find our proposal. (If you want to read about flavor profiles, you'll find some great articles here.)

Gather information from all teams. Go to the issue navigator and filter by the PARTY project. Save the search results as a filter. Then go to the PARTY dashboard (if you don't have one yet, create it) and add a new Pie chart gadget. Display the results separately for each field (Beer, Food, Board Game). This way you can easily see how the results are spread... and how much beer you have to order 🍻

Look at the video uploaded below:


Time to party

When you get together to have fun, start with a shared meal. Nothing integrates people like food! Then give everyone the beer of their choice and write the group's number on the label. Let them find the same numbers by toasting and tapping the bottles. In this way, they will form teams that will play the selected game together. Of course, you can do the second round of the competition: choose other beers and join other teams to play a different game. You can also give up playing after one round, indulge in beer tasting, and enjoy the time spent together 😊


Cheers! 🍻

And remember to try our app: Multilevel Select for Jira. We cannot guarantee a lot of fun without our app 😎


* Fun fact: “Get the party started” is sung by P!nk. And the color of our brand is… 🥁 PINK! 



Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash