How to handle repeating tasks

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Dec 5, 2020 1:49:36 PM

Create issues manually it’s a regular activity in Jira for most of us. In a few seconds, you can create a new issue to describe a task to be done. In most cases, we create an issue when it’s needed, I’ll give you an example. The manager asks you to prepare a sales report. You create a task in Jira to plan your job for the next week. It’s also can be used to log work for a time tracking purpose, and finally, you attach the report to that issue. Sounds familiar to you?

But what happens when the manager asks you to send him the same type of report each month? There is a chance you’ll forget about the task after a few months. Let’s go throw all options you have to be sure you will remember about the report each month.

Repeatable event in a calendar

Many of us use calendars like Google or Apple Calendar. We use them for personal and business events. There is nothing wrong to have events in calendar to represents repeating task. But it doesn’t help us much. We still need to manually create an issue in Jira to track the work.

Copy issue

This is the most suitable way to create a new issue from existing one. This feature is included in the Jira so you don’t have to buy any additional apps. But this approach doesn’t help us in handling repeating tasks in Jira.

Other software like Trello

There are many great tools to support task management. One of them is Trello. You can add a column called repeatable tasks on the Trello board. All cards inside that column represent a task that has to be done monthly or annually. The problem is the same as repeatable events in a calendar, you still need some manual work to create a new issue. Sine, for personal use this could be enough, for the professional purpose it could be too much waste of time.

Scheduled template in Jira

This is the most efficient way to remember to create issues for repeating tasks. Since you schedule issue creation for a report’s task, you don’t have to remember to do it manually anymore. With Scheduled Templates for Jira, you can create a new issue from template based on the defined time interval. Created issue can be automatically assigned to you. You’ll see it on the Assigned to me gadget or on the project board. This app can help you handle repeating tasks in Jira.

List of repeating tasks in Scheduled Templates for Jira

Key takeaways

Let’s mention about some key features of Scheduled Templates for Jira:

  • Templates can be visible only by you or you can share them with your team.
  • You can have sub-tasks inside templates
  • you can create issues from templates automatically or manually.

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