What's new in Appsvio: May 2024

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Jun 6, 2024 2:07:18 PM

Hello Customers, Partners, and Readers 😊 We hope you have been waiting for the new month roundup from Atlassian vendor busy life. Let’s sum up May and look at what is ahead of us. Grab a coffee ☕️, and let’s go.

Multilevel Select for Jira – import multilevel select options and use them as a gadget on the dashboard

Multilevel Select for Jira allows the creation of multilevel fields cascade up to 7 levels. You can add levels in bulk to speed up field configuration. From now on, import and export will also be available to our users. 

Prepare data on staging first – Jira Cloud use case

When you have a configuration on a test environment and want to move to production, You don’t have to rewrite all fields ( f.e. 7 cascaded with 5 fields each), but you can simply import it from CSV or JSON. 

Migration from DC to Cloud use case 

Another example is the initial feeding of a field with many options, usually exported from another system. Also, when migrating from DC to Cloud or other plugins. 


Multilevel Select gadget in Jira 

Using the Multilevel Select field is one, but gathering data from it is second. That’s why we added a new gadget on the dashboard where you can display data from Multilevel select custom field. 

If you are on the Help Desk Team and collecting new hardware needs, you can display all the results in one place. 


Multilevel Select can also be used on the service desk portal to allow customers to submit requests with cascades to select.

Data residency for Forge apps

As your data security is one of our highest priorities, we took care of Forge users with Atlassian guidance. 

We added data residency into: 

If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. 

ITSM co-hosted webinar: Deiser, Atlassian, and Appsvio join forces 🚀

Are you looking to upgrade your company's service delivery? If you're frustrated with sluggish software tools for managing customer or employee support, this webinar is for you.

⏰ 26th, 7 PM CEST / 1 PM EDT 

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Core Functionalities: Simplify IT service delivery and enhance user experience, boosting productivity.

  • Automation and AI: Improve ticket management, accelerate issue resolution, and focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Accurate Reporting: Enhance service quality and benefit both customers and employees.

  • ROI Justification: Demonstrate clear returns on investment, saving time and money.

Why Attend: Gain insights from Atlassian ITSM architect Gaspar Aguilar , Deiser , and Appsvio representatives on solutions like Jira Service Management, Feature Bundle, Gomood, Exporter, and more.

On our side, Kate Pawlak (CPO) will share all she knows about better ticket management regarding customer experience.

🚀 Don’t miss experts' discussions and opportunities to ask questions. 

Feature Bundle – shipping tracking success story 

One of our customer, Advisory, decided to share their use case of using Feature Bundle with us. 

Advisory Solutions is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that implements, manages, and secures IT systems for startups, nonprofits, and agencies across the US. They enhance security and productivity through ready-to-go processes and IT expertise.

🚀 Challenge: The Jira Service Management Portal lacked critical information, causing transparency issues and increased customer inquiries.

⚙️ Solution: They implemented the Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management by Appsvio, which displayed custom fields, linked tickets, attachments, and a progress tracker. This improved customer visibility into hardware shipments, returns, and more.

🎉 Results:

  • Support team saves 4 hours per month.

  • Increased professionalism and transparency.

  • Improved customer experience and team efficiency.

  • No disruption to internal processes.

Advisory use case of Feature Bundle

Michael Fileti's advice: "Give your customers more transparency and direction on their requests to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction."

You can read the whole article here 🙌

Visiting Atlassian Forge team in Gdańsk

We met with the Atlassian Forge team, where we showcased our Forge apps, including Multilevel Select for Jira, and Issue Templates Agent (the third largest Froge on the Marketplace). We covered app demos, customer use cases, usage statistics, architecture, and code.

Peter (CTO) during the presentation

We discussed challenges, gathered feedback, and shared customer success stories. The event also featured deep dive, workshop-style sessions, and a roadmap presentation by Atlassian feature leads, addressing limitations that hinder a better and more secure customer experience. 🙌


Join us in June at Atlassian Community Events

This month, we also have a presentation going on! 

Team 24 - Key Takeaways Roundtable

Join us during ACE Glasgow with Kate on board and other experts. This is going to be a live discussion on all Team 24 new announcements from Atlassian

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First ACE Wrocław 

📣 Big news because ACE Wroclaw is going to have its first online session! Kate, as Community Leader, made it happen.

🚀 Team '24 recap + Atlassian Intelligence. You can 🔗 RSVP here

💻 Past Atlassian Ecosystem Event

Optimizing ITSM webinar 

In May, we took part in a webinar organized by our friends from Revyz , who specialize in cloud backup. Kate and Stu Lees talked about optimizing ITSM with different tools and security issues.


You can read the recap or watch it at your convenience

ACE Debrecen

We had the next opportunity to share our strategies with Atlassian Community members. This time, during ACE Debrecen, Celina Kuziemko talked about incident communication and how to deal with frustrated customers, changing their anger to understanding. 


Thanks for having us! 

Appsvio bookshelf 

This month, we recommend articles: 

Also, the new Issue Templates Cheat Sheet arrived! This time for business teams. It’s a bunch of ready-to-copy issue templates you can use in your team. 

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