How To Maximize ITSM Efficiency: The Role Of Jira Backup Solution

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May 29, 2024 12:23:41 PM

Efficient ITSM is a cornerstone of business success as companies rely a lot on IT to drive their operations these days. One of the leaders in ITSM software is, undoubtedly, Jira Service Management which allows organizations to tailor their processes to meet their specific needs while adhering to ITSM and ITIL requirements. Automation of the repetitive ITSM tasks, and seamless integration with various collaboration tools, including Confluence, Microsoft Teams, or Slack are among the core reasons why JSM is ideal for ITSM. However, is there a way to maximize the ITSM efficiency? And what place here is given to Jira backup? Let’s break these questions down…

Best practices to make the most of Jira Service Management as an ITSM tool

There are many different ways to make the company’s business operations run smoothly, ensuring its user satisfaction. They may include automation, readiness for changes, constant monitoring, data protection, and confidence that no single Jira data is lost. So, why not look at them in more detail?

Tip 1: Define and develop your IT strategy because it will ensure that your company is using technology as effectively as possible. It includes a clear understanding of your business’s goals, evaluation of the company’s current situation, building and implementing the plan, and, of course, assessing the progress.

Tip 2: Always concentrate on problem management and your end-user needs, including paying attention to their feedback and simplifying the processes where’ possible.

Tip 3: Automate rules with Automation for Jira to spend less time on manual and repetitive tasks, including syncing parent and sub-tasks, responding to linked issues, smart auto-assignment, bug management, etc.

Tip 4: Constantly monitor your IT systems because it will allow you to identify and respond to issues before they impact your organization.

Tip 5: Always analyze your data, as it will help you make informed decisions, optimize resources, adapt to changes, and plan ahead.

Tip 6: Back up your JSM data to ensure data integrity and its protection, compliance, business continuity, and adherence to the Atlassian Cloud Security Shared Responsibilities Model.

Let’s focus on the backup as a way to esure JSM efficiency

Why does the regular backups of Jira Service Management play a critical role and help your team to work efficiently? Well, here we should mention three key aspects:

  • preventing data loss, as a result, your team shouldn’t have any worries in case of an accidental deletion. Your team can easily and immediately restore the deleted data (i.e. issues, attachments, projects, workflows, and more) using granular recovery,
  • ensuring business continuity in the event of the service provider’s downtime or your infrastructure outage as the company can restore its data from any point in time to many locations (including a new Jira account or your local machine),
  • adhering to regulatory compliance and security requirements as a backup & Disaster Recovery solution guarantees your critical Jira data is accessible and recoverable in any event of a disaster.

So, which backup and DR features can help your team have peace of mind that any change of their Jira data is safe and sound? To guarantee that the company’s Jira data, as well as service efficiency, is secured and preserved, you should follow backup and Disaster Recovery best practices, which include automated backups, easy monitoring features, fast recovery options, etc. 

Automated backup

We have already mentioned that it’s worth automating all the manual and repetitive routine tasks in ITSM to make your team’s work more efficient. The same is true with backup. If you don’t want to overload your team and keep them focused on the core duties then you should have the possibility to schedule and automate your backup policies for your entire Jira instance.

Quick recovery options

Backup is a guarantee that you can access your valuable data from any point in time in any disaster scenario. That's why it's important that your backup solution offers you full data coverage for your Jira instance; enables full, differential, and incremental backups; allows you to back up your Jira data to various locations, both local and cloud; permits replication between storage destinations; provides unlimited retention to keep your Jira cloud data for as long as you need and meet the most strict data retention requirements; and guarantees security with ransomware protection features, including encryption, WORM-compliant storage, etc. All the mentioned backup features is the keystone to ensure that your Jira backed up data can be restored fully or granularly fast without interrupting your business continuity.

Thus, on the example of, a comprehensive backup and Disaster Recovery solution for Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Work Management, let's look at the restore options you should have to be able to preserve your work data and ITSM processes:

  • point in time restore,
  • granular restore capabilities,
  • restore to the new or the same account,
  • restore to your local device,
  • restore to the free Jira account with a no-user restore option.

Thus, in the case of an accidental deletion, you can use granular recovery to restore some specific data instantly.

If there is a service provider outage, you can restore your copy from any point-in-time to the same or a new account, or your local machine.

Should you experience your own infrastructure outage, you can restore your data immediately using any of the mentioned restore capabilities. Due to the fact that is a multi-storage system that allows you to assign various storage destinations, you can meet the 3-2-1 backup rule. Therefore, if your infrastructure is down, you can simply run your backup from another secure location.

Monitoring possibilities

Another aspect is monitoring capabilities. It's important that you can track progress of your backup and restore processes easily. For example, with you can easily monitor your backup performance using the web-based central management console, visual statistics, data-driven dashboards, and customizable email and Slack notifications, and audit logs - everything to help in resolving incidents promptly and fully meeting your business needs.


The final thought

A comprehensive approach to data protection and data backup process plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency of your ITSM procedures because they guarantee data integrity, accessibility, and recoverability in any event of a disaster - human error, infrastructure outage, ransomware attack, etc. backup and DR software for Jira is a turnkey solution that can help organizations ensure the security of their Jira critical data as well as guarantee the smoothness of ITSM business operations. Thanks to its cyber-proof immutable backups and Disaster Recovery technologies ready for any scenario, both management and IT teams can have peace of mind that their company's business continuity is preserved.