Transparent Shipment Tracking: How Advisory Solutions Enhanced Customer Service with Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management

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May 23, 2024 10:14:18 PM

Introducing Advisory Solutions

Advisory Solutions implements, manages, and secures IT systems for startups, nonprofit organizations, and agencies across the US. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), they work to maximize the security and productivity of their clients by providing ready-to-go processes and IT expertise.

Challenge: Service desk portal lacked critical information

Advisory faced challenges with its Jira Service Management Portal. They couldn’t display custom fields, linked tickets, or attachments in their help center which resulted in a lack of transparency for customers on their hardware shipments and returns.

As a result, there were many questions from customers, which meant extra inquiries for agents.

Our Request Portal finally feels useful now that our clients can see all the details of their hardware shipments, returns, repairs, and recycling requests. Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management allows us to deliver more transparency and professionalism to our clients.
Michael Fileti
Michael Fileti

Director of Service Delivery


Solution: Feature Bundle as an extension for Jira Service Management

Advisory started looking for solutions to help with the portal's lack of data. They chose Appsvio's solution because it not only offered the ability to show custom fields, linked tickets, and attachments but also displayed a customized progress tracker for shipments and returns, enhancing the Jira service desk portal's value for clients.

The Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management is used to display previously hidden information to customers which was already being added to tickets by their warehousing and logistics team.

The app is able to be configured quickly, requires minimal ongoing maintenance, and provides continuous value to their customers.

The results: customer support workflow improved 

The Advisory team not only noticed savings from reduced support inquiries but also increased the level of professionalism in their customers' eyes. The best part was that support agents had no disruption or changes to their processes after implementing the solution.

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Request steps and additional field values on Advisory service desk portal

The main benefits that our client listed: 

  • Savings: The support team saves approximately 4 hours per month by answering fewer questions about the status and details of customer hardware tickets.
  • Increased professionalism and transparency.
  • Improvements: Clients now have greater visibility into their requests and progress.
  • Internal agents are unaffected by the enhancements but benefit from reduced support inquiries.
  • Improved customer experience leads to greater team efficiency.

Our internal agents didn’t even need to know about the improved customer experience within our Jira service management portal—all they care about is how they receive fewer support questions without any additional effort on their part. It feels great to empower our customers with these additional self-service capabilities.
Michael Fileti Advisory
Michael Fileti

Director of Service Delivery


Piece of advice for Jira Service Management users

Michael Fileti, as Director of Service Delivery, prepared a piece of advice for all of you who face the same challenges:

Give your customers more transparency and direction on their requests, and you will receive fewer questions, improving your team’s overall efficiency in delivering service. Plus, your customers will appreciate being able to find the information themselves rather than always having to ask you for it.


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Company details:
Company size 20


IT Services / Managed Service Provider 

Used app

Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management