How customers can track the progress of requests?

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Dec 5, 2020 5:27:40 PM

Customers sometimes don’t know what stage their case is. They don’t have a good place to check the progress of their requests. We want to show you two ways of how explains where the issue is in the process. Both examples allow track the progress of requests in a slightly different way.

Track progress based on statuses

By default, you can use the status field to describe the issue’s progress. In Jira Service Management you can map multiple Jira statuses to the same status to simplify the appearance of the workflow. It means that customers can see In Progress status for a long time, but agents can have the issue in Under review or Pending for investigation status. So, how can we improve that?

Customize the workflow statuses for a request type

Track progress based on process stage

In this approach, we use the Requests Steps feature from the Feature Bundle app to show the process on the Portal vertically. You can also map multiple statuses into one stage. All other stages are also visible so the customer can easily preview how far is the issue is from the resolution. It gives a better perspective for a request’s status. The next stages are gray, the previous stages are blue. The current stage is marked with bolded blue. You can configure the stages for each request type separately. This feature can track the progress of all kinds of orders, onboardings, or service requests.

Customers can track progress of their issues
Track the progress of requests on the Portal

Key takeaways

You can use status mapping on the Portal but it’s limited to show status just in one dimension. Customers never know when the issue will be resolved or even how far it is in the process. Requests Steps feature from the Feature Bundle app provides the missing view. As for today, it’s only available on Cloud. Try Feature Bundle for free today!

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