How to rename an SLA name in Jira Service Management?

1 min read
Apr 17, 2020 10:33:23 PM

Oryginaly, SLA in Jira Service Management comes from VertygoSLA app, created by Valiantys. It was so many years ago and still, until today, SLA names are not editable. As for today, there is only one app on the Marketplace that allows to do that, Feature Bundle.

What is SLA in Jira?

SLAs in Jira track the progress of things like:

  • Respond to all requests within 2 hours.
  • Resolve urgent requests within 24 hours.

The configuration is easy end can be done by project admin.

How to rename the SLA?

Sometimes you want to change the name of the existing SLA. Below steps allows you to do that.

  • install Feature Bundle for Jira Service Desk app
  • go to Manage Apps tab in Jira administration and click on Utils
  • click on the Rename SLAs
  • select the SLA you want to rename
  • provide a new name and click on Rename

Congratulation! 👍You can just renamed SLA metric.

Key takeaways

SLA metrics names are not editable in Jira Service Management out-of-the-box. With Feature Bundle you can rename SLA metric name in a few seconds. For now, this feature is available only on Data Center and Server hosting.



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