What's new in Appsvio: September in Atlassian ecosystem

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Oct 6, 2023 12:50:09 PM

Hello, fellow readers! We're back with next month's recap, so without further ado, make your autumn tea (we already have one), and let's skip to the reading part!


SOC 2 Type II report 

It was a long way, but we did it. 🎉 We received a SOC 2 Type II report and are officially SOC 2 compliant. 

The report is available for all concerned on our Trust Center.


What does it mean to us as an Atlassian Marketplace vendor? 

As we have been audited on the security, availability, and processing integrity of the systems we use to process customer data, as well as the confidentiality and privacy of the information processed by these systems, we have implemented and tested security practices to provide the best care of sensitive information. We're also obligated to meet the newest standards, so it means constant improvement. 

We believe that this significant step will increase the quality of our services.

What does it mean to our current/future customers and partners? 

  • Security Assurance – the report demonstrates that your data is being handled with tested and effective security controls. 
  • Risk Mitigation – the report helps reduce the risks associated with using the company's services.
  • Data privacy – you have an assurance that data is being handled in accordance with industry standards and best practices.
  • Compliance Verification – we know that vendor selection is crucial. If your organization has security compliance requirements, we can still establish cooperation. 
  • Cost Savings – you can benefit from reduced auditing and assessment costs because you can rely on the SOC 2 report to provide insights into the firm's security practices.

So, from now on, if you're looking for service desk solutions with SOC 2 requirements, we're here! 😊


Free ITSM e-book – Roadmap to success with Appsvio apps

Our first ebook is live! You can find the most common ITSM scenarios that we've faced and a ready-to-use strategy for them. We've also put our internal ideas that skyrocket our processes to share our perspective and experience.

We tried to make it as practical as possible, so there are origin screenshots, real workflows, and detailed configuration videos with our contribution. 

Get your copy now, and tell us what you think! 


By creating this material, we want to show how everybody, in large or small instances, can improve internal processes and customer support to eliminate tedious work and spare actions. It's the perfect reading for managers and agents because we focused on how to make it easier for agents to provide customer service that is beyond average without extra time-consuming. 

What's inside? 

  • Real business ITSM use cases
  • Agents' workflow enhancements
  • Step-by-step configuration videos
  • Strategies for enhancing service management

appsvio ebook


Compatibility with Jira 9.11

We adjusted the next apps to the 9.11 version. 

  • Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management
  • Issue Merger for Jira

We always say that customers are our ultimate inspiration, and we put their needs first. 

Testimonials we got lately are music to our ears and souls. 

Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management 

"We are currently piloting JSM and a few apps, and Feature Bundle is one of the apps we are testing. Great app, very useful, and we will be going forward with this as part of our setup.

We found a minor bug during testing and it was fixed in a matter of days. Impressive follow-up, great customer service." 

Issue Templates Agent for Jira 

"Solves a problem of requesting users for more information on certain types of issues without being too formal about it. I should also acknowledge the stellar support, especially for a free app." 


Appsvio's bookshelf 

If you missed our newest articles, you can always return to them. 

The previous month gave us Chris's piece about Jira Service Management approval processes. Check out to learn the options and ensure you know all of them. 

Kate has become a reviewer of a book written by Eren Kalelioglu from Ponsatlas: Implementing Atlassian Confluence. Save a slot on your shelf for that! 

Kate worked with other experts, Sajit Nair and Mina Maraşlıgil, to make sure that the book is substantively flawless. We highly recommend it! 



During September, we had the pleasure of taking part in Team Up 23 by ACA Group. We've also had our spotlight there with a presentation about boosting customer support. 

team up x appsvio

In-face events are always a blast for us. Thanks for having us! 

And that's all. 

Happy ticket resolving, Atlassian people! 🙌

appsvio itsm ebook