What's new in Appsvio: ITSM October

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Nov 8, 2023 12:14:44 PM

Hello Atlassian friends! We're back with next month's roundup. Keep reading to discover product updates, event announcements, and maybe some new app alerts! October was full of events and hard work – but it was totally worth it!

Customer and Organization Management (Cloud)

We introduced support for the Assets field. This means a new type of column that, based on the AQL and the field configuration, shows the assets assigned to a given person.

For the agent they are visible on the table view and issue view. They are also visible on the customer's profile on the portal - thanks to this, the customer has collected in one place, which assets are assigned to him. This solution is beneficial for internal customers like employees. 

Take a look at how it looks from agent's perspective.

Customer and Organization Management

We added this feature at the request of the consultants we work with. So, if you have more ideas or needs, share them, and we will try to make it happen ⭐️

Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management 

💻 A Free Product Showcase – November 15 

For any of you who want to learn how customers can edit requests, how to automatically inform them who the reporter is (meaning, avoid calls for agents and tens of questions), or how to make sure that all of them are aware of maintenance – join our free Product Showcase session. This session will be all about how to create a customer-friendly customer portal and how to unburden agents from recurring questions and irrelevant communication. 

Meet SLA faster thanks to saving agents' time. Keep your customers up-to-date and raise your CSAT score🔝

As we want to make it most accessible for you in different time zones, pick your time! ⏰


What's in Store? 

🔹Explore Feature Bundle App and detailed configuration

🔹Learn how to build a self-service portal without involving your agents 

🔹Discover how to speed up ticket resolution 

🔹Witness real-time demonstration and see how it can elevate your team's performance. 

🔹Get insights from our expert team on maximizing your ITSM workflow potential. 

🔹Q&A session to address all your burning questions.

Product updates – even smoother Jira customer portal (Data Center)

We have added support for the Resolution field on the Edit request screen.

This one was made specially for one of our customers. Enjoy! 

Feature Bundle DC

From now on, the edit dialog on the portal has its own unique link form. It can be easily shared with others. When they enter the request, they have an immediately open dialog, ready to enter values in the fields. This means preventing mistakes or filling in the wrong data – agents receive all the correct info to resolve the ticket. 

📣 New app alert – Appsvio Masurian hackathon 

We keep our tradition alive. Each year, we organize our own hackathon to make a new app. Last year, we created an Issue Templates Agent for Jira, and this year was also successful! 

Every year, we visit another region of Poland. This year, it was a beautiful Masurian forest. We spent four days in a cozy cabin, developing new products together. As our team works remotely, we find it refreshing to meet and work in one place. After all, nothing bends a team like mushroom picking! 

We all took a deep breath, far away from the city, and we're pretty proud of the new solution we will present very soon! 

Appsvio family

Stay tuned!

Atlassian Events

October was a productive one!

We took part in virtual JiraCon '23 where we presented about Jira Service Management Fundamentals. Many thanks to Trundl for creating this space full of experts and people from the Atlassian Community. 

Next, we visit The Netherlands for ACE Rotterdam – Enterprisedam: The Charity takeover! Talks about your needs are always a mine of inspiration. We put them in our roadmap, so remember that your voices are heard 😊

Laura, FunMan Andy – well done, that was a perfectly organized event. 

On our way to Rotterdam, we managed to visit an Atlassian headquarters to have a cup of coffee with Alicja. Always a pleasure!

Atlassian vitiors

And we can't forget about something that all community was buzzing about! As every year, we took part in Apptoberfest.

Here is our article with a demo video 🤓

This year, we talked about Customer and Organization Management and how to manage customers' assets on the portal.

📚 Appsvio's bookshelf

We recommend our new article about 5 ITSM hacks to boost your ticket resolution management. If you use a service desk or plan to - this one is for you. 

Also, we gained a new app overview from a consultant perspective. If you want to know how to merge duplicate issues and how to manage all reporters at once in bulk – watch Deepak's material about Issue Merger

If you haven't seen our ITSM e-book, you still can! It's a material with 8 ITSM use cases that we face the most frequently. Ready to use solutions inside! 


And that's all for today! If you manage to the end, thanks for reading! 🫶

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