2023 unpacked – a rollercoaster moments as Atlassian vendor

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Dec 19, 2023 8:31:20 PM

As we’re approaching the end of another year, we got sentimental! 🥹 Let’s dive deep into 2023, see what we did and where we are now, and make a little tribute to this year. Here we go with our 2023 journey recap as an Atlassian vendor. 🚀

That’s a wrap!

So where are we at this moment? Our team is still growing, and next year will bring new projects and people. We still are a Silver Marketplace Partner with hopes for Gold!

We’re incredibly excited about what the future holds! Numbers don’t lie, so here is our year in a nutshell.

Appsvio 2023 summary


What's worth highlighting is that we're SOC 2 compliant! We've received the SOC 2 Type 2 report. It demonstrates to our current and future customers that we manage our customers' and partners' data with the highest security and compliance standards.

🐾 Biggest milestones in Jira Service Management apps

We constantly improve our apps to ensure they allow our customers to bring ITSM to the business in the highest-performing form. This year, we made significant upgrades in Jira Service Management portfolio, and those are the most important ones:

Customer and Organization Management for Jira Service Management:

The Customer and Organization Management app gained new, easier-to-filter customer or organization views where you can easily add/remove customers to organizations or add customers to projects. We refreshed views for better transparency and managing customer context.

We enrich this solution with particular views tailored for agents. With the save views feature, they can create many boards with customer context and save it for later. Thanks to this, it’s easier to segment customers, for example, by support package level, and have it all the time at the fingertips.

Supporting assets is one of the loudest upgrades. Asset management is crucial for your business to grow and to minimize costs. Our app allows agents to assign assets to the customer and transparently displays them in one place – customer view. Moreover, agents gain access to asset data based on the reporter's right in the issue view. Customers also have constant access to their assets in the profile.

Table view with assets - customer context
Table view with assets


If you want to examine asset management deeper, here is our article about it.

The last thing we want to share is that we won’t stop adding supported fields, and this year, we have added a lot of them.

Lists of supported fields:

  • Checkbox
  • Date
  • Dropdown
  • Email
  • Link
  • Number
  • Text
  • User Picker
  • and Assets!

Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management:

Feature Bundle app is a bunch of features to create a self-service customer portal and allow customers to edit (and escalate) tickets by themselves.

Lately, we developed linked issues functionality. Now, your customers can see linked issues on the Request detail view.

linked issues on the Request detail view
Linked issues on the Request detail view


When customers create a ticket, they can see linked issues that agents connected. They will know if it is blocked or cloned and what exact status linked issues have. They can monitor the progress of blocked/cloned tickets, understand if their incident is part of a bigger problem, and why extra calls will not speed up the resolution.

More and more fields are supported in edit request configuration to make it easier for agents and customers. The same thing includes displaying field values on customer portal requests.

The Data Center version also had its time to develop. We implemented the ability to copy and share a link to edit a request form.

🚀 New ITSM app on 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen, the hero of this year! 🏆

Each year, our Marketplace portfolio expands. We’re proud of that, that we develop new apps and still continue to grow the existing ones.

This year, as always on our hackathon trip, we brought ITSM Reports for Jira Service Management to life.

Monitoring service desk metrics is pivotal to raising CSAT and providing better service. It’s also essential to make the right business decisions backed by numbers.

With the ITSM Reports app, you can have ready-to-read reports as native Jira gadgets.

📊 What reports can you create?

  • Average CSAT – monitor who has the lowest and highest CSAT and learn why
  • SLA - Met % – analyze how your agents are dealing with SLA. Compare data from different periods and gain in-depth insights to eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Asset distribution – monitor assets structure and maximize the return on them.
  • Request distribution over time – bubble-based heat map about when and what tickets are created. Allocate agents more efficiently.
  • Organizations – visualize how many customers are in the particular organization.
  • Request channel type – monitor where tickets come from and what type is the most trafficked.
Average CSAT dashboard - ITSM reports for service desk
Average CSAT dashboard


As only we launched the app, we started to work on new reports. This base is going to grow, and if you have any needs or ideas, you can share it with us.

🐾 Biggest milestones in Jira apps

Issue Templates Agent for Jira:

This is our fastest-growing app, which appeared in MARS™ by Contegix reports. Issue Templates Agent allows your team to use templates on the create issue screen and speed up issue creation.

We’re thrilled that you find this so attractive and helpful! Even with these excellent results, we keep updating it.

We added more supported fields (almost all of them!) in the template configuration.

A multiproject option is now available, so you can assign templates more to one pair of a project and issue type.

Issue templates agent for jira
Templates repository


We support software projects in Jira Software and business in Jira Work Management.

Issue Merger for Jira:

Best practices say there should be no duplicates on our board to keep the sprint or workflow in check. Getting rid of duplicates can be tedious, so Issue Merger allows you to merge issues manually or automatically. Then, you gain one source issue with merged fields in one ticket.

If a bug occurs, your customers will probably flood you with the exact tickets. Merging is one, but agents have tens of reporters to manage after resolving tickets.

That’s why we developed bulk actions – to manage all reporters involved in tickets at once, right on the issue.

Bulk action you can do:

  • add comments
  • change status change
  • resolution
  • link issues


Bulk actions - Issue Merger for Jira
Bulk actions - Issue Merger for Jira

Multilevel Select for Jira:

Create up to 7 cascades, add them in bulk, translate - all with dark mode. 🌚

Our first times

This year brought us the first times, too. What would a year be without new challenges and experiences? Boring! 😎

Atlassian Team 23

We attended TEAM 23 for the very first time as Appsvio. Large-scale events are impressive, and Atlassian always made it with class. We loved it, Vegas also!

We’re grateful for all the talks and new connections we made. If you would like to see some photos and read more about how we felt as a first-timer vendor at such a big event, here is a recap.

📚 ITSM e-book – Roadmap to success with Appsvio apps

What else did we do for the very first time? Our firstborn ITSM e-book was published!

We created a piece with 8 most common ITSM use cases and ready-to-use solutions.

You can read about:

  • The power of escalation process
  • How to enable different levels of support depending on customer context
  • Holiday mode-on: Manage days off with Jira Service Desk as Appsvio
  • How to create an ultimate internal service desk without Jira Service Management
  • Get all customer context at once – boosted welcome process on the portals
  • Improved Jira Ticket Tracking and Customer Communication in Jira Service Management – Amazon delivery use case
  • Save as Jira draft ticket – a self-service customer portal
  • How to resolve similar Jira issues in bulk

You can download the material for free.


Product Showcase

Who attended our very first product showcase? We started a new series where we talk about use cases, our experience, and, of course, our apps and how to use them! The next round is soon, and it’s going to be about the onboarding process with Issue Templates Agent.

Stay tuned!

🫶 Appsvio Family moments

We cherish every single moment we spend together as a team. We believe that a positive atmosphere, transparent communication, and simply liking each other make us a better vendor.

Here are snapshots from when we were together.

Before Christmas Party

Our hackathon

🤝 Atlassian ecosystem partnerships that made our year extraordinary

Being part of such an extended, diverse, open ecosystem is a pleasure. We couldn't be more grateful for our partners that make us bigger and stronger. We hope new connections will last, and next year, we will make new ones.

Thank you all for being with us another year! 💖

We attended 12 ACEs and 6 Atlassian events.

Thank you for making it possible for us! If you would like to have us at your event next year, give us a word! We're willing to share our experiences in ITSM and business areas.

Peter and Daniel during Atlas Camp 23

Once again, thank you for all the talks, all the advice, listening to our sessions, ideas, feedback, and every cup of coffee we drank together.

You Guys rock 🤗

See you Next Year!

We have high hopes for that one! Bye 2023, hello 2024! 👋

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