Integrating asset management with incident resolution in service desk

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Nov 15, 2023 2:21:17 PM

Assets are native Jira Service Management functionality that allows you to manage, monitor, and relate valuable resources to tickets, incidents, or reporters. Keep reading to discover how you can make the most of Assets to speed up incident resolution and create customer support so your clients will adore you. 

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)? 

According to ITIL, IT Asset Management (ITAM) is ensuring that an organization's assets are tracked down, used, updated, maintained, and eventually disposed of. Long story short: important assets in your company are monitored and utilized.

Why is it important? Among many benefits we can list:

  • boosting teams' productivity and performance 
  • eliminating chaos with one source of true
  • saving money – according to Gartner, well-monitor and managed asset management can cut spending by about 30%
  • sticking to good ITIL practices 

Asset management in Jira Service Management 

Asset feature allows you to monitor those resources (licenses, software, hardware – services, or material products) and easily link them to the issues. Formerly known as Insights, they are available only for Premium and Enterprise users.

How do you manage your customers’ assets in a smart, efficient way? 

How to change assets in a high-velocity process that supports agents? 

With the help of extensions like Customer and Organization Management you can even use it to meet SLA faster and boost ticket resolution time.

Integrating asset management with incident resolution in service desk 

How to speed up Jira ticket resolution with asset management? 

Assets are also crucial data to resolve tickets. What license does the customer have? Which laptop? Which app version? Or in which office bug has happened? So, instead of asking your customers again or using many spreadsheets to make a table with it, let’s create one source of truth about all the customer context we need.

Thanks to Customer and Organization Management apps, your agents gain special views for Organizations and Customers (separately). Views can be filtered and saved with public permissions or only for a particular agent. This way, agents have all customer context in one place - without hopping between tools, extra programs, and access. 

From now on, this app also supports assets! It means that this solution allows assigning assets to the customer and transparently displays them in one place – customer view.

Jira customer view with assets

Customer view with assets

Moreover, agents gain access to asset data based on the reporter's right in the issue view.

Jira Issue view with assets. 

Issue view with assets

Using this app means eliminating chaos and welcoming transparent and clear views. Every asset has separated fields so that you can sort it in a glassy way. 

Suppose customers want to see what assets are assigned to them – no problem. All of them will be displayed on the customer profile. It's also a fine solution for internal processes. No spare questions need to be asked, and agents' emails won't get cluttered. 

Customer profile with assets displayed

Customer profile with assets displayed

This kind of asset management eliminates bottlenecks due to a need for more information. Agents don’t have to search for asset data or wait for customer answers. They have it all at their fingertips. So, they have crucial data for ticket resolution ready to use. 

Key takeaways 

When properly designed, asset management leads to teams’ performance optimization and cost savings.

Thanks to the Customer and Organization Management app, it is possible to see all assets assigned to a particular customer at one place. Thanks to that, agents have already prepared data that is very often needed to resolve a request. SLA is met faster. Agents don’t waste time searching for something they already have at the service desk. This process will benefit a higher CSAT, less busy agents, and more transparent customer support.

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