🍂🍻Apptoberfest 2023 Demo 🍻🍂 – How to manage customers' assets easily with a service desk portal

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Oct 19, 2023 10:42:26 AM

This story is about how to enjoy your beer. 🍻

Fall is all about blankets, Gilmore Girls, ginger beer, and, of course, pumpkin spice latte. This is how you get more time for those. 🎃 

We will use a case worthy of an Oktoberfest to describe our functionality. There is going to be a beer party and contest for the biggest beer nerd. Who can relate? 

Our HR team wants everybody to confirm if they're coming and also to vote for a winner. 

🚀 The challenge with service desk

 HR is tired of hopping between tools, never-ending copying and pasting, and tables. This time, we're going to be at the Jira service desk

It also has to be easy to access for employees for not taking their time, and editable in case somebody changes their mind (imagine what would happen if everyone suddenly can't come in contact directly with HR. Mess!) 

This is how you do it with a little help from Customer and Organization Management for Jira Service Management. 

 giphy (71).gif

From the Jira agent (HR) perspective: 

Let's create a special dialog that will appear when customers open the portal. 

  1. Create a short text field to collect votes for the best beer expert in the company.
  2. Create a checkbox field to indicate whether I participate in Oktoberfest.
  3. Create an Asset field to know in which office the employee works.
  4. Create a Number field to collect info about phone numbers.
  5. Send a notification on Slack to the #HR-info channel that there is a party and there are fields to complete (1 and 2) with instructions on how to access them (from the profile). 

All those actions are available in Customer and Organization app, and thanks to that, you get:

  • a simple, intuitive form right on the portal 
  • data visible on the customer profile, which can be editable
  • datastore right in Jira and an easy way to export data and do a chart 
  • self-service process without your engagement 
  • customer profile with all customers' assets assigned

giphy (73).gif

From the service desk customer (employee) perspective: 

Here is a short story.

You get a Slack message, so you enter the portal, and the dialog shows. After filling in the fields, you can go back to it on your customer profile. 

Fast, non-time-consuming, no annoying process. And if you make a mistake, you can just correct it by yourself – without contacting others and waiting for their action. 

*Extras: We added a very festive and spooky announcement banner to make sure nobody missed the party info! We set it up to be visible only for employees and until the voting is over  – this is a part of the Feature Bundle app

And after all, you can enjoy your beer because there's nothing left to do.

We did it, too, even though our foam went down when recording this demo! 🥲



Happy Apptoberfest! 🍁🎃 

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