What’s new in Appsvio: July 2022

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Jul 28, 2022 4:17:20 PM

We are at the halfway point of holiday time. The hot summer doesn't let go, and the sun is taking its toll on many of you. There is also a busy time in Appsvio due to many new features in our products. Read a quick recap of July.

Silver Marketplace Partner

Appsvio is Silver Marketplace Partner of Atlassian

We are glad to announce that we have been recognized as Silver Marketplace Partner this year!

What does this mean for our customers? We invest a lot in our cloud apps through their continuous development, inter alia, new functionalities, or responding to the needs of large instances (performance, scalability). We also do not forget about the development of these apps in the data center version. Moreover, our cloud apps participate in the Marketplace Security Programs: Security Self-Assessment Program and Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program. By installing our apps, you can be sure that we ensure their high quality, safety, and efficiency.

Scheduled Templates for Jira

Jira can be a perfect tool for automatically creating recurring issues. There are many solutions, including apps and automation rules. One of them is our lovely Scheduled Templates.

In July, we released a major version with six new features and over 50 bug fixes. It was the biggest app update ever. We've outlined all the new features briefly to give you a glimpse of what's in the app right now.

New template type: Cross-project templates are a new type of template. They are not linked to any project or issue type when created. To use them, just select the project and problem type after running the template.

Added 'Based on schedule' for the interval in the template planner: The 'Based on schedule' option can be used to create the first issue from template when the creator schedules interval planning.

New support channel: Thanks to LiveChat within the app, we help our users from the app. There is no need to switch to our support portal to raise a bug or request a new feature.

System & custom fields: We have two new features in this section. The first is a dynamic value for any date custom fields. You can set a relative date based on the creation time. The second adds support for story points in the template. This is especially useful when you add issues created from template to your sprint right away.

Permissions: When creating public and cross-project templates, you can define who else can edit them. You can also specify which Jira groups have access to them, that is, sees it in their template list.


Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management (Cloud)

Insight custom fields are a key component of any ITSM implementation with Jira Service Management. It was originally an app developed by Riada. Atlassian acquired the vendor in early 2021 and this product is now part of Jira Service Management. Remember that Insight is only available on the Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise plans.

Insight asset is represented as a custom field. This means you have control over where it will be visible to service agents. You can also add them to the request form to allow customers to select assets by the customers on the portal. However, the selected assets cannot be changed by customers out of the box. They have to ask the agents for it. With Feature Bundle, you can enable edit requests on the portal, including Insight custom fields.



Issue Merger PRO for Jira (Cloud)

One of the best practices in Jira is keeping it tidy. Nobody wants duplicate issues as they affect search results and overall performance. We provide several ways to solve this problem through the Issue Merger PRO app. The new options in the app are listed below:

Global configuration: Enable the merge operation only in selected projects. This is especially useful when you want to limit the availability of merge options.

Auto-merge: Besides internal comments, you can now add public comments whenever the merge action is performed on Jira Service Management issues.

Localization: Merge dialog is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, and Polish. If you are looking for other languages, let us know!


Share your feedback

As usual, we ask you to share your thoughts about new features. We'd love to hear your feedback.

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