Take a quiz: Which app-personality are you? ⭐️

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Apr 5, 2023 12:26:03 PM

Take a break and let’s have some fun 😊 Take a quick test, remember what you answered and check out which app-personality are you!

☝️ There are 7 ABC questions; choose only one answer.

Regardless of the outcome, visit our Appsvio booth #45, as well as our colleagues K15t, Refined, revyz, Atlassian, mabl, Appfire. 🙌

Quiz: Which Jira app-personality are you? 

1. You have an hour off during the presentations at Team '23, what do you do? 🧐

A) I try to visit as many sponsor booths as possible.

B) I visit the Appsvio booth to play HeadsUp, and in the meantime chat about ITSM.

C) I grab a coffee and go to chill on the couch.


2. 🪩 During the Bash, you would most like to dance to the song:

A) "Oops I Did It Again" by Britney Spears.

B) "Let's Get Loud" by JLO.

C) "Relax, Take It Easy" by Mika.


3. 💻 If you had to describe your personality at work with one app, it would be:

A) BigPicture - Project Management & PPM - I tackle multiple projects simultaneously with full commitment.

B) Refined for Jira from Refined - I turn what is good into outstanding; I am flexible and adapt to new circumstances; sometimes the soul of an artist comes back to me.

C) Scroll Viewport for Confluence from K15t - I take care of order, I am happy to help, I can get out of even the greatest chaos with a helping hand.


4. 🌍 When planning a vacation trip, what do you do first?

A) I watch vlogs of the place I want to go to.

B) I set up a ticket at the service desk to book my vacation date.

C) I make a list of places to visit.


5. Your company lacks standardized templates for creating bugs in projects. What do you do? 💪

A) I write a post on the Atlassian Community asking for recommendations on how others have solved this problem.

B) I create a template in Confluence.

C) I go to the Atlassian Marketplace, search for the phrase "templates," and after just a moment of reading the listing, I know that Issue Templates Agent for Jira is what I need.


6. You have moments of time to invest in yourself and plan to do some exams. What do you do? 📚

A) I review the different ones and do one ACP, ITIL, and AXIS still on Udemy.

B) I do all the ACPs related to JSD.

C) I do ACPs in alphabetical order ACP-100, 120, 200, etc.


7. You organize a company event, and how do you conduct communication and records?🎉

A) I conduct all communication and records by email.

B) I select Google documents and sheets.

C) I configure the Portal so that everyone can submit their participation through the service desk.

Results ⭐️ 

Most of A

You have a thirst for adventure and love meeting new people. Visit the Atlassian booth to learn about their latest products, Jira Product Discovery and Compass. Check out the HubSpot CRM Integration for Jira at the Appsvio booth #45, as well as mabl for testing and revyz for data backup. Don't miss any of the Team '23 side events by keeping an eye on the 🔗 Trello board.  

Most of B

You're a dedicated ITSM fan who prioritizes customer needs and strives for excellent customer experience. Visit the Atlassian booth to learn more about Jira Service Management, and check out the Customer and Organization Management demo and Feature Bundle at the Appsvio booth #45. You can also visit Refined to transform your portal.

Most of C

You thrive on order and care about transparency. You can maintain order and act according to predetermined plans.

Hope you like te result! See you in Vegas! 🎉