10 things why to visit Appsvio booth #45 in Vegas ⭐️

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Apr 12, 2023 2:04:39 PM

TEAM '23 is next week, and we can't wait to see you, Atlassian people! We hope you will find time to visit our booth to catch up. If you aren't sure yet, here you have 10 reasons why it's worth it! 

10 things why to visit Appsvio booth #45 in Vegas ⭐️

1. To talk about Jira Service Management – its pain points and advantages 

The uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that we operate on two sides: customer and agent. So why is it worth it, and what're the most significant pain points?

Here are a few advantages we noticed through the years and we value the most:

✅ One tool for ticket resolving, team management, and customer support 

✅ One source of truth – the customer can not only report a ticket but also has access to the knowledge base where he can find the answer to his problem without setting up a ticket

✅ Automation, which allows you to automate repetitive tasks, saving agents' time and taking care of the company's processes

✅ Cost optimization – you pay for one comprehensive customer support tool

However, Jira Service Management is not a complete ITSM tool and has its pain points. 

❌ No space to store attributes for customers and Organization, which allows agents to know (almost) everything about them

❌ No import of customers or organizations from the file or external tool

❌ Poor overall support for customer and organization management

❌ Limited options for informing the customer what is happening with their request, what stage it is at etc. 

We will discuss more at the booth, but these gaps can be filled with extensions you can find on the Marketplace. We can show you which ones and how 😊 

2) To learn what is Customer and Organization Management and how to implement it in your Organization 

This is an agent-centered approach where agents have all the customer data they need to 

minimize the spare work and boost the ticket-resolving process. It is all about managing customer and organization data better and gathering additional information that can make it easier for the support team. Why is Customer and Organization Management important in large-scale organizations?

  • To have control over customer accounts
  • Easy way to find data about customers and organizations
  • To easily add customers or their attributes in bulk (do you want to do it manually for 5k customers?)
  • To easily add customers to organizations or assign them to projects
  • Customer data can be part of the workflow in Jira when you have a broader vision of your process

We have our own way of making it happen. You can find us in booth 45 :) 

3) To see how to enable self-service on the portal

Agentless approach once again! We know how to allow your customers to edit requests on their own and how to save agents' time. We're going to show you our App Feature Bundle for Jira Service Management which is all about boosting the service desk experience. Customers can edit requests on their own, and you don't need to do it on your own every single time when they make mistakes or change their minds.

4 ) To see how to publish updates for customers in the portal

As we're speaking about the Feature Bundle for JSM app, we can show you how to create eye-pleasant and catchy banners, how to schedule them, and how to keep all of your customers constantly up-to-date. 

PS With this solution, you can create more than one banner ⭐️ 

5) To play Heads! Up game! 

You're going to love it. We have 52, Atlassian-themed cards to guess. Check yourself how much you know about the ecosystem. Bring your Team, or come solo and let's play 🙌

 You can watch how we played it here. 

Heads up! game by Appsvio

6) To win a Polaroid on our raffle. 

Come to our booth and get a chance to win a brand-new Polaroid camera. We were thinking about something practical that will stay with you longer and be useful when you're in Vegas. Something to make memories and that will make you smile in a few years. 😊 We hope the winner will send us a photo of photos 😅

7) To see how the HubSpot - Jira integration works

If you use HubSpot CRM in your Organization, make sure you will come to our booth to talk about how to boost it and manage it more effectively. We have something up our sleeve.

8) To see how to manage Jira queue better 

We're not specialized only in Jira Service Management and service desk. Come and chat with us about enhancing daily Jira queue management and f.e. how to get rid of duplicate issues with ease. 

9) To meet Appsvio family 

Networking is powerful. Come even only to say hi and make new Atlassian friends. We will be there in a squad: Kate –co-founder and CPO, Celine – marketing hero, Chris – co-founder and CEO. Let's make the most of TEAM '23, and let's connect 😊

10) To talk with Atlassian Community Leader Kate 

Our CPO Kate is also Atlassian Community Leader. She will be at our booth waiting for you. She also has her Spotlight speech, so save the date. It will be all about ITSM solutions and how to boost your service desks. 

🗓 April 20th, 1:45 PM 

We hope those 10 reasons are enough for you to stop by. We can't wait to see you 😊